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REVIEW: Robotropolis (2011) + trailer

“Robotropolis” is a low-budget sci-fi movie, however it did keep me interested. The story is about a group of reporters, who are on some remote inhabited island, called “New Town”, covering the story on…robots. Yes, everything on the island is maintained by the robot prototypes (of various kind).

Now, the robots do all kind of things here – they work along with people, play along with people (hell, they even walk children to school), and so on.

The reporters are covering all of this live, and it seems like a perfect place for everyone. That is, until one of the robots goes nuts, and kills a man during a soccer match…

So, now our heroes have not only to cover the story that took a really unexpected turn, but also try to stay alive. In the meantime, the rest of the robots have gone haywire as well, and now enjoy hunting down humans…well, you get the picture.

What was unique to me in “Robotropolis” is that the whole film seems just like one big video report. I assume the director intentionally decided to shoot it like that, and it works.

Along the way we get to know our characters, despite a rather thin story. The biggest plot hole for me was – if there’s a malfunction, and the robots go crazy, there *should* always be some sort of a back-up plan, in case of an emergency.

In here, the company that makes these robots doesn’t have security, army, special forces squad, or anything. And all of a sudden, the robots become a big, deadly problem.

There isn’t much of “robot mayhem” going on, neither there is a lot of splatter and gore. Acting is rather weak at times, but the leading actress Zoe Naylor is so cute, you can stop thinking about acting, and concentrate on her and those killer robots.

By the way, as far as those robots are concerned – the CGI is good, but the creators could have thought of a better design for those “birds” (as they’re called in the movie).

So, if you like “robot movies”, you can give this one a look. Technically, the movie is good, despite some plot holes and dull acting, this is worth checking out at least once.

Before you do, you can check out the trailer for “Robotropolis” below.




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