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REVIEW: Sand Sharks (2011) + trailer

Can sharks swim in the sand? Apparently not, but in this particular b-movie, they can, and not only that, they also eat people along the way! Doesn’t that sound entertaining? It does indeed, so let’s dive in a little deeper…

All of a sudden, a small beach resort is being terrorized by unknown human-hungry beasts, which happen to be prehistoric sand sharks.

The only two cops on the resort, Sheriff John Stone (Eric Scott Woods) and his sister Brenda (Vanessa Lee Evigan) don’t know what to do and how to provide security for the people on the beach.

Add to that, local businessman Jimmy Green (Corin Nemec) has this bright idea of making “the best beach party ever”, and earn some money. Despite the warnings from the authorities, Green sets it all up, with all the sand sharks “swimming around”.

Sandy Powers (Brooke Hogan) is a young female scientist, who joins in on the fun, to help the cops to figure out how to battle the sharks. And, when the “Sandman Party” starts, the sharks are there as well, and the heroes have to think fast, not to get eaten by the hungry shark monsters.

This is as close to a B-movie as we can get. We got really pathetic CGI swamp sharks, we got Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan here (cute, but acting wise – not so cute), we got awful scene editing, we got cheesy special effects, you name it.

There’s also a Roger Corman reference in the film – I suppose the creators did not take their own film very seriously, and rightfully so. Brooke Hogan seems to like fish, since she’s scheduled to appear in another “shark movie”, titled “2 Headed Shark Attack” with Carmen Electra.

I remember Corin Nemec battling with “creatures” before (in particular “Mosquito Man”), and his part here is the most entertaining (his singing on the beach with sharks roaming around has to be seen), and Vanessa Lee Evigan is one cute actress, I hope she gets better film projects in the future.

Of course, the story of “sharks swimming in the sand, killing people” could have been executed better, as the final result is very mediocre.

To make a long story short, if you like B-movies with sharks, definitely take a look at this “treasure”. It’s ridiculous, its fun, and its pretty awful too. The trailer for the movie is below.




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  1. There are lots of really bad shark movies available on the movie market, and “Sand Sharks” is right up there with them. It is utterly non-plausible and just down right stupid at times.

  2. This was the most dumbest shark movie I have ever seen, Horrible acting, and very Horrible editing, the sharks don’t even look real, and neither does alot of other things In the movie, Including the sand, and the killings, out of 1-10 I rate this -1 so stupid

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