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REVIEW: Savage (2009)

A blazing fire rips its way through Bear Valley National Park. As the firefighters try to contain the spreading fire, among the animals that are being forced out of their habitat, there’s one that’s big, fast, angry and bloodthirsty. A damn bigfoot in other words. And firemen become his first victims.

Local authorities are busy trying to figure out how to deal with the fire, not to let all the potential tourists skip the park, and only one of them, namely Sheriff Fremont (Tony Baker), believes there’s a killer on the loose, yet he doesn’t know who it is.

The only one who does is Jack Lund (Martin Kove), an aged trackman living in the park, who saw the bigfoot kill his father when Jack was still a child. Sworn to “hear the beast scream”, Jack lives in the woods, doing these fake “quides through the park” for money, awaiting for the moment he can exact revenge on the monster.

As it usually happens, there are “unexpected” people in the park right at this time, which will soon get involved into this “bigfoot issue”. In case with “Savage”, we have something more interesting than just a bunch of dumb, cliche drunk teenagers.

We have a young researcher Dale, who needs a park guide, and a suspicious couple that looks to hide some smuggled weapons in the area. Soon however all these problems will be put aside, as the character will struggle to survive against the bigfoot.

As far as I know, there are only two ways yet known how to make a bigfoot in the movie – its either a suit, or CGI.

In case with “Savage”, its not CGI, thank God, however our bigfoot while looking all big, tough and menacing, doesn’t have that many kills in the film, and when it does kill – there are no gory details. For a bigfoot movie, especially a modern one, this is a letdown.

Movie veteran Martin Kove has been around since the 70s, and being a fan of his work, I can say for sure that his acting has improved a lot. His portrayal of Jack Lund is believable, and his confidence makes you root for the character.

Sadly, aside from Kove, and cute Anna Enger there’s not much that this horror flick can offer. Lisa Wilcox whom some might still remember from a couple of “Nightmare on Elm Street” movies has a small part here as sheriff’s pregnant wife.

“Savage” is definitely not the worst “big foot movie” ever made, yet its also quite far from being among the best ones. You can still check it out if you’re a Wilcox / Kove fan, or if you collect every big foot / sasquach movie ever shot. Otherwise, “Savage” is not as savage as it might seem.



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