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REVIEW: Seed (2007)


This is second Uwe Boll films we are reviewing in last couple of days. One thing we do remember clearly when it was first advertised – it looked promising – with Pare, Moeller, plus gore and all that, even despite Uwe Boll’s reputation, “Seed” was looking good.

Then for a couple of years we forgot about the film, and now it seemed like a good time to finally review it.

So, the first thing we see in “Seed” is the actual footage of some poor animals getting slaughtered. The animal cruelty footage is real (provided by PETA for the film), and is being watched by our killed Max Seed (Will Sanderson).

First of all – there was absolutely no need for this footage in the film. The footage tries to tell us that by watching animal cruelty, Seed pumped himself up this way to do the same to people.

Seed’s wikipedia page even has this “Seed: A Horror-Film that helps animals” – referring to a page on website. One probably couldn’t come up with a worse line regarding poor animals.

Why animals then? Why not show some human executions and such? Director Uwe Boll himself said that PETA was receiving over 2 percent of world wide sales of the film (shame on you PETA), and claimed he had nothing to do with the footage, as it was added in the lab without his knowledge.

Makes one wonder who was the head honcho on this production, Boll or someone who desperately wanted the footage in the film.

And yes, the animal cruelty (which we strongly stand against) is ugly, so for animal lovers – if you desperately want to see “Seed”, try to skip the beginning.

Then we’re introduced to a remote prison on an island, and we see Seed getting fried on an electric chair, while warden Calgrove (Ralf Moeller) watches on, along with Detective Matt Bishop (Michael Pare), who managed to catch Seed in the first place.

The problem is that Seed…doesn’t seem to die. His heart still beating, and Calgrove decides to pronounce him dead, and then bury him alive.

Bishop lives to regret the moment he did not interfere, and didn’t kill Seed with a straight head shot. Some time later Seed digs his way out of the grave, comes back and starts ripping apart everyone he can find on the island.

Soon he flees the island to find Bishop, who now has to worry about keeping his family safe from the deranged madman.

Uwe Boll has been improving, mostly, with his latest movies, whoever he somehow seems to lack this feeling of making viewers “follow” the film and its characters.

This is less felt in “Assault on Wall Street”, where we actually cared for Dominic Purcell’s character, but in “Seed” it’s a complete disaster.

Ralf Moeller’s character is completely blank, he doesn’t have anything interesting to do, except for delivering occasional lines with his thick accent.

Will Sanderson seems to have gained weight since which is bad, and his Max Seed character doesn’t allow him to show off any acting whatsoever. That in fact is a shame, as Sanderson did show some signs of being cool in his previous movies.

Michael Pare’s Detective Bishop, who is supposed to be the main protagonist, looks so damn weak and helpless, that it’s really hard to root for him. Pare can do better than that.

“Seed” is dragging a lot, the film is mostly boring, but filled with a couple of really cool special effects (the film received the Best Special Effects award at New York City Horror Film Festival).

Unfortunately, that’s all “Seed” really is. From us – the film gets 2 points for the special effects, and one extra point for Moeller and Pare, as we love seeing familiar faces even in bad movies.

So, Boll’s first “Seed” wasn’t planted very well. In fact, it was just a bad seed. A very bad seed. How, he’s making “Seed 2”. Not that there’s really a need for another one, but hopefully it will be better, and without any animal cruelty this time.



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