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REVIEW: Shark Night 3d (2011) + trailer

As usual our teens get into trouble. And, in this case, this trouble is big, fast, hungry, and has huge sharp teeth. “Shark Night 3D” is a simple story about a bunch of Louisiana teens who go on a vacation to the local lake, and all of a sudden encounter some “shark problems” along the way.

The cast is not that impressive, but everyone seem to fit their parts well. A “Brent Huff lookalike” Dustin Milligan and Joshua Leonard from “The Blair Witch” were the only two familiar faces that I’ve seen before, oh yes and Donal Logue (I mostly remember him from “Blade”) as well.

I always thought, that it doesn’t take too much brains to play a “narrow minded teen, who gets in trouble, and doesn’t know what to do” part, because in pretty much every movie of such caliber as “Shark Night 3D” – all these teens are the same.

Director of the movie, David R. Ellis has some memorable movies under his belt (Cellular, Final Destination 2, Snakes on a Plane), and “Shark Night 3D” is somewhere in between, its not his best, neither is his worst.

What is unusual is the script, because sometimes you just can’t get what’s going on. For example, there supposed to be no sharks in a lake.

The film offers an interesting explanation of that – in this case, this is not your typical “shark attack” flick, there’s a different direction taken here.

Another (spoiler) thing is that I don’t remember the last time seeing a horror/syfy movie, where a human character gets to kill a shark, with a wooden stick, with only one hand! This happens here, however it’s not as exciting as you might imagine.

Overall, the film is entertaining, but nothing really exciting happens (except for one scene, where shark attacks a teen on a watermobile…this has to be seen).

For “shark movie” fans, this is allright, everyone else can simply pass. Trailer for the movie is below.




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