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REVIEW: Shark Week (2012)


Yes, this is another “one of those” low-budget “shark movies” that are being released every year. If sharks only knew they would be so famous and so exploited…

“Shark Week” is not some fancy TV-show, its a game of life and death.

A crazy drug dealer Tiberon (Patrick Bergin) has just lost his son, and now spends his days tracking down people, who were, in one way or another, responsible for his son’s untimely death.

Since Tiberon is nuts, he goes way further, than just finding these people and killing them – he captures them, drags them to his remote island, and forces them to play his “game”, which is… you guessed it, “Shark Week”.

The rules of the game are simple – stay alive for a week, with lots of sharks around the island, and then Tiberon “might” let you go.

So, we get 7 people, who are responsible, according to Tiberon, for the death of his son, and now they’re forced to fight sharks, and survive 7 days of hell on Tiberon’s island.

Tiberon sits in his office, along with his assistant Elena (Yancy Butler), and enjoys the action. Can we, the viewers, enjoy the action too? Hardly.

To start it off, while the idea of the film itself might have worked, despite it being quite cheesy.

Of course, since this is Asylum, we have CGI sharks. That would have been fine, if only Christopher Ray (son of legendary Fred Olen Ray) knew how to shoot CGI monsters correctly.

Despite having quite a lot of movies under his belt, Christopher Ray does his best to show the worst possible “CGI sharks vs people” scenes in this film.

Speaking of actors, probably not many people would’ve expected Patrick Bergin to end up in this kind of film, playing this kind of character. There’s no point of describing Tiberon, but the main antagonist of “Shark Week” is nothing but a joke.

Yancy Butler is still pretty and just like in case with Bergin, it is a shame to see her wasting time on such film.

So for both Butler and Bergin fans – do yourself a favor, and do not watch the film, since you’ll be very sorry to see your favorites appearing in this.

“Shark Week” is full of factual errors, continuity errors, cheesy dialogue and just plain pathetic, pointless scenes. Even as a “low budget shark movie”, the film fails.

Oh and IMDB is right: In reality, sharks have no vocal apparatus and cannot growl – unlike they do in “Shark Week” – someone should’ve been a bit more careful with the facts.

Even accepting this kind of a film as “brainless entertainment”, such errors ruin everything that remains.



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