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REVIEW: Shriek of the Sasquatch! (2011) + trailer

Before we hear any shrieks, let’s start from the beginning. It is 1979. Julie (Scarlet Salem) and Nick (Donny Versiga) are on a road trip to somewhere.

What they don’t know is that in the nearby woods, there is a wandering sasquatch, who seems to have no other things to do but kill innocent people.

Sheriff is out at the lake having fun, while his deputy seems to be willing to accept an idea of some bigfoot walking in the woods, yet he’s not sure.

Meanwhile, the sasquatch continues to rip the heads (literally) off the tourists and local residents, until for some reason it decides to invade a house where Julie and Nick are staying. One of them will die, one of them will live to find out the secret of the sasquatch…

I did not use the “fast-forward” button, I actually watched the whole film, the whole 90 minutes of this “sasquatch madness”.

The story for the film is pretty much non-existent. It might as well could have been cut down to 75-80 minutes of runtime. Instead, the film drags a lot, it is boring, since an obviously small budget (or a micro-budget, I would say) does not allow Steve Sessions (writer/director) to entertain us the way we expect him to.

Despite the fact that the film tries to nod to those old 70s bigfoot movies (it was actually shot in 2010), it fails on almost every level. Having the effects of 16m film with all those scratches is simply not enough to cover the painfully amateurish acting and plain dull plot.

And don’t even get me started on the “sasquatch” itself. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have a man in a suit play a sasquatch than see a CGI monster, but this “man in a suit” has to at least move like a creature, not walk like he’s just had a few beers in a local bar! And that’s exactly how this sasquatch walks.

Speaking of shrieks…there aren’t any. Seriously. Throughout the whole film we a victim scream just once. The girl (supposedly frightened) is watching the sasquatch tearing off the head of her boyfriend, and she doesn’t scream, nor she runs!

The sasquatch doesn’t scream as well – just makes these fake roaring sounds occasionally. Speaking of sounds – the 70s soundtrack was kind of good, I liked it.

The film doesn’t allow you to care for any of the characters, be it human characters or the sasquatch itself – they’re just too blank.

Julie Salem is the eye candy, and despite her bad acting, she’s the only thing worth looking at in the whole film. Everyone else are just random characters, and the sasquatch is just laughable.

Although, I’ll give it a little credit – in the end, “Shriek of the Sasquatch” managed to surprise me. I did not think it could be any worse, but it did. Steve Sessions threw this backwoods sasquatch tale into a completely different direction.

So, if you really are a die-hard 70s bigfoot films, go check out “Night of the Demon” (1980). If you just like bigfoot movies, find “Abominable” (2006). As for this flick – it even has some nudity, and it still fails to entertain you. Not recommended.

PS: The girl on the cover is a porn actress, and she’s not in the film…




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