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REVIEW: Silent Night (2012)


So, people around the world are saying Goodbye to 2012, and we’re saying hello to “Silent Night”, a gory slasher film about a killer Santa.

The story takes place in a small U.S. town, where local sheriff Cooper (Malcolm McDowell) and his deputy Aubrey Bradimore (Jaime King) are on the hunt for a giant, murderous Santa Claus, who is terrorising the community on Christmas Eve.

Our Santa is big, bad, and brutal, as he continues his reign of terror on both cops, and local residents as well.

The streets full of Santas for the annual Christmas parade make it extremely difficult for cops to track down the killer, and the bodies keep piling up.

While sheriff Cooper dismisses all the possibility that their killer Santa is the maniac from an urban legend, Aubrey will soon have to deal with the fact that it is exactly so, and do her best to stop Santa from “delivering presents” this year.

“Silent Night” is considered to be a very loose remake of Charles E. Sellier’s 1984 film “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, and one of the things that the remake hits a viewer with is brutality.

The killer Santa here uses all kinds of things on his victims, starting from a simple axe, to electric shocker and a flamethrower!

While the film does give a small background on the “Santa”, his motives are changing as the film progresses. In the beginning of the film, we see him “cleaning up the city”, killing off bad cops, sluts, a perverted priest, while sparing lives of some of those who saw him killing.

Then, towards the end of the film, Santa starts going for innocent people as well.

As simple as the story is – it is entertaining, mostly due to gory death scenes, and a seemingly indestructible Santa.

Acting wise, the film was a let down, as neither Malcolm Mcdowell nor Jaime King deliver memorable performances here. Donal Logue (playing Santa Jim) on the other hand has a few good scenes, and even gets to fight the killer Santa inside a police station.

“Silent Night” arguably ranks a bit above the average, among other “killer santa” movies. As a slasher film, it packs enough of gory kills and nudity to satisfy genre fans.

The ending of the film leaves us to believe there just might be a sequel released closer to next year’s Christmas.



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