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REVIEW: Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009) + trailer

Los Angeles, our time, a week before Christmas. Two LAPD cops, Nash and Frank are on patrol. All of a sudden zombies start appearing out of nowhere, chasing people, trying to get some fresh meat.

Frank and Nash manage to get to Frank’s house, where his wife is, and the trio barricades inside the house. Now, their survival is threatened by the fact that Nash is secretly in love with Frank’s wife.

Some time later, some more survivors appear (Felissa Rose, Vernon Wells and Lew Temple), and our heroes learn, that there is a good chance of surviving the zombie mayhem if they manage to get to Burbank airport, where, supposedly, are thousands of other survivors. Will they take the risk?

“Silent Night, Zombie Night” is a very simple movie. We’re witnessing two stories being mixed together, one is about surviving the zombie outbreak, and the other one is again, like always, about relationships, loyalty and love.

Veteran LAPD cop Frank Talbot (Jack Forcinito) has to deal with not only zombies but his wife and partner Nash as well. In zombies movies, its always about “whom can you trust” and “whom you can rely on”.

As much of fun as it sounds, there are still some major flaws in the movie. One in particular is really big – we never get to know the reason why zombies started appearing in the first place.

Then – in the beginning of the movie we see Frank’s partner Nash get bitten in the leg, and he does not turn into a zombie at all! There is some CGI used here (in shootout sequences), and zombie makeup could have been a lot better.

The presence of two veteran actors Felissa Rose and Vernon Wells is definitely not enough to save the whole film, as they both have limited screen time here.

Recommended for zombie flicks fans only. Check out the trailer below.




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  1. Not bad, but, as i even wrote on my personal review, and, on my humble opinion, was truly hoping to see cult actor/filmmaker Domiziano Arcangeli in such a secondary, plain role that looks like either cut down, or shamefully wrote in, to wink at some international film Markets, but, i thought that, with his incredible looks, cult status, and, natural intensity, Arcangeli could have been here used a whole lot better, and, more than Ms. plain Jane, Felissa Rose, and, fellows B stars, Lew Temple & Vernon Wells, here, honestly, all quite stiff, while, Arcangeli still manages to shine in a few quick scenes… Too bad!

    The rest of the acting wasn’t bad, but, they all look like all standard TV people… The director seems capable, especially, since, being seemingly acquainted to the ‘Genre’, shows some serious knowledge and passion, thanks also to the savvy use of most on set crew key positions, but frankly, doesn’t seem that sharp to use more inventive and wild visionary elements, settling down, way too easily, instead, for a too ordinary, mystery free story telling, supported by some good gore,while, definitely missing on the actors, since, in my opinion, he could have made again a much better use of such special people, left with nothing do!

    Disappointing, but not all bad, either! Just plain, when it could have been a little cult, with a clever use of all major possibilities, here, so clearly(apparently!) available!

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