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REVIEW: Snow Beast (2011) + trailer

In this review, we welcome another “Yeti” flick. Jim Harwood (John Shneider) works for some NGO, that deals with wildlife. He also has to take care of his rebellious daughter Emmy (Danielle Chuchran), who is a pain in the a** sometimes, because mom left the family.

Anyway, so Jim and his research team are about to go study the Canadian Lynx – something they do every year. This year, not only Jim decides to take his daughter with him, there’s a much bigger problem the team will have to face – a hungry, angry yeti (bigfoot, yeti, call it whatever you like).

On the other hand, there’s this sheriff Barry (Jason London), who is bothered by all these tourists and skiers being killed off one after another, supposedly, by a bear. However, pretty soon, Barry will find out just who exactly is responsible for all these killings.

I am not really a fan of the “bigfoot” movies, however all those that were good, were all shot in the 70s and 80s. The only recent good one that I remember was “Abominable” (2006).

“Snow Beast” here is a joke. Really. I mean, the film is pg-13, rated as such for “some creature violence” – and the violence is almost non-existent.

The way “beast” kills his victims are not gory, not graphic, not exciting…they’re just slaps, the yeti simply “slaps” humans, and they fall down with their faces covered in blood.

Speaking of the yeti itself, its a man in a monster suit, and it’s not even “so bad it’s good”.

I feel sorry for both John Schneider (who seems like a good actor) and Jason London who appeared in this movie.

It’s a total waste of time, I believe even for the “yeti” movies. Not recommended.




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