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REVIEW: Spiders (2013)


“Spiders 3D” starts in space, as we see an ol Soviet Union space station, crawling with spiders, crashing on Earth, in New York city.

Bits and pieces of the old USSR space station crash into a New York City subway, and a lot of poisonous spiders start to spread all over the place.

New York City Transit Police are the first ones to react, as one of the supervisors, Jason (Patrick Muldoon) goes down into the subway to find one of his staff members dead, bitten by the spiders.

It doesn’t take long before the whole area is evacuated, the military that controls the situation causes panic by static that there’s some sort of a new virus around.

At the same time, the spiders start to mutate, and their queen mutates to gigantic proportions – something that soon the military will have to fight right in the center of New York.

Jason, in the meantime, is going through a divorce with his wife Rachel (Christa Campbell), however when the situation gets worse, and his daughter is in danger, he has to step up and defend what is dear to him…

“Spiders 3D” gets a big credit for actually showing what the cover of the film portrays – giant spider in the center of the city, helicopters, havoc and all that.

As lame as it may sound – the film is actually better than a lot of modern “spider flicks”.

Director Tibor Takacs is familiar with insects – prior to “Spiders 3D” he directed an absolutely awful “Ice Spiders” in 2007 (also starring P. Muldoon), and highly enjoyable “Mosquito Man” in 2005.

“Spiders 3D” is pretty straightforward, no real twists, you’ve probably seen this story a thousand times.

Patrick Muldoon plays a heroic dad that tries his best to save his daughter, horror movie regular Christa Campbell appears in a surprising part of a loving wife and caring mother, and William Hope from “Aliens” plays another tough-as-nails military type character.

Speaking of the spiders themselves – considering the fact that the film did not have the highest of budgets, CGI monsters here are done fairly well, the effects are slightly better than average CGI monster effects in low-budget movies.

“Spiders 3D” reportedly had a limited run at the U.S. festivals, noticeably the Los Angeles 3D Film Festival where it won several awards.

“Spiders 3D” is worth checking out at least once, if you’re not picky about giant spiders not looking “real enough”, and not behaving like they do in real life.

Since most of the crew in the film are from Bulgaria, and the action mostly takes place in one isolated NY City block, it can be assumed that the film was shot in Bulgaria and not in the United States.

Nonetheless, “Spiders 3D” is entertaining, slightly better than most low budget CGI-filled sci-fi flicks. Give it a look.



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