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REVIEW: Stung (2015)


A young girl and her hired friend are on their way to an annual garden party, to provide some catering services there for the guests. The party is hosted by some old wealthy lady, who loves taking care of her flowers.

The bad thing is that her plant fertilizers make local bees to grow in size. This is one of those times…when a rather boring party gets crashed by…giant, mutated man-eating wasps!

What follows is your cliche fight for survival: people versus creatures.

“Stung” is in some ways similar to “Mosquito Man” (2005), a solid, yet cheesy creature horror flick, which wasn’t very well received, but had similar great non-CGI special creature effects.

Speaking of effects, this is what makes “Stung” stand out from most of the similar “creature films” of the recent years. If there is CGI, you can barely notice it. All the creatures, the bloody transformations, the gore – everything is done in the old-school style, which only adds to the film’s advantages.

As the movie progresses and more and more people turn up dead, our wasps just keep getting bigger, meaner and more aggressive. This, however, doesn’t stop the heroes from using anything they have at hand to survive.

“Stung” is not a Hollywood production, as the film was shot in Germany, with a budget less than $3 million, according to IMDb.

Despite the budget, “Stung” cast includes well known Lance Henriksen and Clifton Collins Jr.

Judging from the amount of cameo and bit parts in recent years, one would expect cult Lance Henriksen to have the same kind of role here, but it is quite the opposite – he’s in the film for the most part and isn’t just hiding behind the leads. And, despite age, the great voice is still there!

As for Collins, most of the party guests die in similar ways, however the wasps have something else in mind for Clifton Collins Jr’s character, but that’s not to be spoiled here.

“Stung” is one of those horror films you wouldn’t notice until you see a trailer or the whole film at once. Thanks to the amount of truly bad CGI-filled monster flicks on the market, “Stung” can easily get lost among them, so take notice – this little creature flick is worth checking out.

“Stung” follows all the basic rules of the genre, leaving enough of room for a sequel.


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