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REVIEW: Super Hybrid (2010)

When I first read the synopsis for this film (in short: bunch of people get trapped in a garage with a killer car), I thought that this surely will offer me nothing new.

However, I paid attention to the budget (reportedly around $13 000 000), I decided to give it a shot. Well, to be completely honest, the film managed to surprise.

The plot itself is rather simple. There’s some sort of a “killer car” that rides by itself, changes its shape whenever it wants, and kills people. So, on the streets, it gets hit by another car, and its taken to the garage shortly after, where the real “fun” begins.

There are a few mechanics in the garage, their boss, and a secretary. However, they’re not aware of the “hybrid” that was brought in earlier.

Now, when they do get aware, some people are already dead, they cannot escape, and all that is left to do is to “work together, to kill this damn thing”. There’s your plot.

Now, you all remember that cartoon TV-series called “The real Ghostbusters”? They did have one episode, when the car of the ghostbusters gets posessed by some old indian demon, and the car starts operating by itself.

The same trick is used in “Super Hybrid” – the car is posessed by some creature (the posessed cars dont even require an engine to run!), that keeps stalking people inside this garage.

Overall, the movie was interesting enough to keep me entertained (without having any big names on the cast list), and the creature effects were bearable and not too distracting.

To keep it short, its a good addition to the “man vs machine” subgenre. Check it out, when there’s nothing else to do. And, don’t forget to check out the sountrack during the end credits…


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