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REVIEW: Swamp Freak (2017)


By Moon Lee

David DeCoteau has been around for a long time, and has quite a long resume as a director, but he has never been known as someone who can make a decent film. Decent, that is, at least watchable on some level.

In one way or another, films directed by DeCoteau are barely watchable. “Swamp Freak” fits into that category perfectly.

The idea (DeCoteau wrote the script too) was quite simple but nice – a bunch of students in the woods get killed off one by one by some deformed man, who lives in the swamp, and is known as the “Swamp Freak”.

What you’d expect from this kind of film is – graphic kills, screams, boobs, stupid teens and such – all the necessary components for a cheesy slasher flick. Well, what you get is 75 minutes of pure boredom.

First of all, by looking at the cover, you’d expect to see at least Felissa Rose (horror legend from Sleepaway Camp) in the film, even for a cameo. Nope. DeCoteau goes further by just using her… voice! That’s all you get! Voice!

Speaking of gore – there is none. All the kills are done off-screen, they’re all the same, awfully edited. No nudity either, not counting a shirtless boy running through the woods.

As for those mentioned 75 minutes – the film could’ve been 20-25 minutes shorter, and it could’ve made more sense. At least it wouldn’t have been dragging so much. “Swamp Freak” is full of painfully long scenes of “nothing” – DeCoteau basically shows you the footage of the woods, the swamp, some noises, and that’s it.

As for the “Swamp Freak” itself – forget about the red eyes you saw on the cover. They’re not in the film. Our “monster” simply walks around as a mindless zombie, making some “background” noises of heavy breathing. Not impressive, not scary, not entertaining. Boring.

The thing is, if DeCoteau didn’t have to use the voice of Felissa Rose in the film – maybe, he could’ve used that saved money to put some gore in the film? Who knows.

Either way – no redeeming qualities for “Swamp Freak” whatsoever. No “candies”, no gore, no action, awful editing, and a wasted idea for a good indie flick about “something from the swamp”. Avoid at all costs.


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