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REVIEW: Swamp Shark (2011)

I decided to give “Swamp Shark” a try, since the cast was a good one (by b-movie standards), and this time, at least, we had a shark in a swamp, not in a sea, as usual.

This was a SyFy production, so, yes I did expect a CGI shark, and yet decided to watch this little film.

Now, we can start off with the cast:

— We have Christy Swanson as the lead (a bit washed up, but still gorgeous)
— Robert Davi (working for the paycheck only)
— D.B. Sweeney (“i dont really care, you know” type a look throughout the whole film)
— Gigantic Jeff Chase (no, I am not telling you whether he dies in this one or not)
— and Gary Sinise’s daughter Sophie (oh, the curves…)

What I enjoyed to say the least is the characters.Yes, the film offers nothing new in this department, the characters are all cliche, but they’re surprisingly likeable, some are even funny.

As for the rest, the story is quite simple: We get a small town near the swamp, a bad sheriff (Robert Davi) trying to smuggle exotic animals, a cafe owner (Swanson), and an undercover agent (Sweeney).

Almost forgot, we also got a giant shark, which escapes during transportation (wont be describing how, you gotta see this), and gets into a swamp.

Well, naturally, then it starts roaming around, eating people, and our heroes have to kill it (another shocker is how they do that…not gonna spoil).

The director of the film, Griff Furst is one busy man working in the industry: the guy directs, acts, writes scripts, and to be honest he is not that bad.

The first time i saw him as a leading man in a horror film “Dead Men Walking”, and it was a pretty solid zombie horror movie.

Anyway, getting back to the swamp, and the shark – this is not the worst that SyFy could spit out, and definately not the best effort either.

But, the movie is watchable, it doesnt drag too much (although there are similar movies that are a lot more bloody and violent), and overall is a good mindless entertainment.

I bet all the actors on the set were having non-stop fun. Give “Swamp Shark” a try, if you have 2 hours to kill.


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  1. Hey, great review and great site, also been working my way through all your TV reviews whilst, at work. I’ll be back later to check out some more. Swamp Shark is probably one of the better made for SYFY movies I have seen recently, I read your review of Metal Tornado, I reviewed that also (it’ll be on my site next week, Monday) and don’t think it was as good as Swamp Shark, suppose it depends what you like.

    Like I said great review, great site I’m gonna have to start following some way or another, got time come check out my review of Swamp Shark and browse around the site.

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