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REVIEW: The Last Light (2014)


By Jim Vangelis

“The Last Light” starts off with minimum of light – as we meet Jack (Ed Quinn), who, along with six other people are in a facility that looks like an abandoned hospital. Jack is the leader of the group of five, while one other stranger, Noah (Edward Furlong) stays away from the rest, hiding in the basement.

The events in the beginning do not explain how the group ended up in the hospital in the first place, but Jack, armed with a shotgun, does rounds around the eerie hospital, as there are some mysterious creatures who like to feed on the living.

Aside from that, the group lives from day to day, hoping that help will eventually come.

The group is not as tight as one might think, starting with Jack, who despite being a rather believable leader, has his problems – like seeing nightmares and visions of his deceased wife and not remembering who he really is.

Eventually, the group slowly starts falling apart, starting off with Meryl (Molly Hagan), who is unstable and very soon reveals her true face.

We’re never explained how the characters ended up in the hospital in the first place, aside from some abrupt phrases here and there (apocalypse, possible alien invasion), and the reason is revealed in the very end of the film.

The problem is that the film drags a lot – it could’ve easily been cut for 10-15 minutes. There’s almost no action whatsoever, and the actors are forced to fill in the long scenes with unimpressive dialogues.

The acting itself is not that bad as Molly Hagan and Jeff Fahey, in their limited roles, deliver a couple of monologues worth mentioning. The rest of the cast is quite mediocre, including the big name on the cast list, Edward Furlong.

His part requires minimum of effort, and it could’ve been played by basically any other actor. Furlong’s out of shape looks definitely do not add anything good to his overall performance. Ed Quinn on the other hand has no issues with looking extremely cool and ripped, but he seems out of place in this kind of film. He would better fit into an action flick.

“The Last Light” obviously didn’t have the biggest of budgets, but considering that, the scenes between the characters could’ve been more entertaining and deep.

Since this is not the case, we neither see any monsters, nor we get some cool memorable quotes or scenes to chew on.

The ending of the film is somewhat predictable, but it takes way too long to reveal the meaning of what’s happening in the film, and since it is painfully slow, you might not even wait until the very end. Of course, there’s always the fast forward button.

So unless you’re a big fan of Molly Hagan, Jeff Fahey, Ed Quinn or Edward Furlong, you might just skip “The Last Light”, as it may just not be worth your time.


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