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REVIEW: The Revenant (2009) + trailer

the revenant

During a tour in Iraq, Lt. Bart Gregory (David Anders) gets ambushed and killed along with his crew. Later his body is transported back to the U.S., where his family and friends bury him. However, just hours later after the burial, Bart rises from the grave, unaware of what happened to him, and heads home.

He comes to see his best friend Joey (Chris Wylde), who was at the burial, and it takes a while, while Joey realizes what Bart has become – the Revenant, a mix between a zombie and a vampire. In order not to rot, Bart has to drink blood, and Joey cannot just leave his friend like this.

Despite the efforts to hide Bart from his fiancee (Louise Griffiths) and friend (Jacy King), soon the truth is revealed, which of course doesn’t stop Bart and Joey from looking for more blood.

They soon realize that the best way to get it is to start prowling the streets, looking for drug dealers and killers – a perfect way to collect the blood that one of them so desperately needs.

It has been a long time, since a zombie film has brought so much enjoyment. Despite being quite long for a horror flick (about 2 hours long, yet Wikipedia says 127 minute cut exists), the story of the film is handled nicely, and packs pretty much everything a horror fan would want.

D. Kerry Prior who has mostly worked as a special effects guy on such movies as “The Lost Boys”, “Phantasm 2”, “The Blob”, “Nightmare on Elm Street 4”, “Air Force One” wrote and directed the film himself, and his zombie tale is filled with great gore effects, laughs, romance, action, and very solid acting as well.

All the leading actors here do great, especially David Anders as Bart and Chris Wylde as Joey, bringing their characters to life and making viewers care for them, even if they’re zombies.

Speaking to MovieWeb, director D. Kerry Prior revealed that the film was inspired by his experiences at the weddings and funerals that he has attended, also noting that he did not know about “Dead Heat” (1988), which has some common elements with “The Revenant”.

So if you did like the “Dead Heat”, it is most certain that you will enjoy “The Revenant”, as it really is one of the best zombie movies that has come out in years.

“The Revenant” offers a different look at the zombie sub-genre, that will leave you wanting for a sequel.

The only thing that might have been done differently is the ending, which touches upon the politics, which is always very sensitive, considering the latest relationships between some countries. Overall, the film is mostly a dark horror-comedy, yet it does have a very sad tone in it as well.

“The Revenant” received numerous awards, such as “Best actor” (Anders, Wylde), “Best director” and “Best feature film” at New York City Horror Film Festival, and “best make-up” at Screamfest.

To say the least – “The Revenant” deserves each of those. Check out the trailer for the film below.




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