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REVIEW: The Terror Experiment (2010)

fight or flight 2010

The film starts off with a war veteran telling us how much of a patriot he is, despite the fact that he has been labeled a terrorist by the government.

In order to expose the government that treats people bad, and does not give them freedom, the war veteran has prepared something terrifying.

Under unexplained circumstances this nutcase walks into a Federal Building, bypasses the security, goes up to the lab room and exposes everyone to some deadly virus that he miraculously managed to bring with himself.

Everything that happens next – is a nightmare to say the least. The Federal Building shatters, the alarm breaks down, people start running toward exists, which are controlled by a computer security system. In all this chaos, the virus set free by the crazy war vet starts spreading around as gas, infecting innocent workers.

It doesn’t take long, before people start going crazy, and turn into these uncontrollable creatures with bloody red eyes and an insatiable urge to kill.

With all this going on inside, and the authorities, including the firemen are outside the building, a bunch of survivors, who have not been exposed to the virus yet, try to stay alive, fighting off the infected.

Before you start guessing, yes – “The Terror Experiment” is another take at the “Crazies”, where you get some people infected with some sort of virus as part of a “secret government experiment”, that turns them into monsters.

With a nice budget of $5 million, “The Terror Experiment” has quite an impressive cast of Jason London, Judd Nelson, C. Thomas Howell, Lochlyn Munro and Robert Carradine. Good thing is – none of the mentioned actors have cameo roles. The bad thing is – they are not really able to hold the story together.

Jason London is the leading survivor, and the only one of the above mentioned who stays inside the building, doing all the “dirty work”. The rest remain on the outside, doing their best to act either cool or serious.

The thing that keeps coming up throughout the whole film is the reason – how that crazy war veteran managed to get his hands on this “secret virus” and bring it inside the Federal Building, so that no one even noticed.

This part is never explained, making us believe it was just a lame excuse to start off the panic, and show us the survivors trying to stay alive among the infectees.

There are these familiar “shaky cam” moments in the film here and there, mostly when the infectees appear, prohibiting us to actually see some real action. The rest of the film is rather cliche, filled with some plot holes, as the one above with the “crazy terrorist”.

“The Terror Experiment” does not really fit into horror category fully, as it is more of a thriller with horror subplot.

In any case, the end result of far from great, yet there are some entertaining moments, and some known actors to keep viewers somewhat entertained. For the most part – “The Terror Experiment” is rather forgettable.



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