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REVIEW: Time Again (2011)

time again 2011 film review

Two sisters Marlo (Angela Rachelle) and Sam (Tara Smoker) are working in a diner, owned by Jack (Robert Pike Daniel, your low-budget Burgess Meredith), and they have a good reason to be happy – Sam is having a birthday soon, and Marlo wants to take her sister to Las Vegas for some fun.

Their nice plans are of course ruined, when a guy at the diner leaves Sam some change in coins, and soon our leading ladies find themselves chased by a ruthless criminal Mr. Way (Scott F. Evans) and his maniac goon Mr. New (Fred Eric Anderson).

Neither Sam nor Marlo understand why Mr. Way is after them, until they realize it is the coins that the villains want…and, the coins are of course special – they’re ancient, and they have the ability to change the past and the future.

Detective Lym (John T. Woods) seems to be the only one whom the girls can count on, yet when Sam gets killed, Marlo gets another chance to save her – by traveling back in time using those very coins and some help from a mysterious old lady (veteran actress Gigi Perreau).

Not a lot of action films that I’ve seen lately start off with action immediately. “Time Again” does, and pretty much does not let it go until the very end. This low-budget effort is anything but boring.

Writer/Director Ray Karwel uses the idea of time-traveling wisely, accordingly to film’s $125,000 budget, and it works, since coming back in time implies using pretty much the same scenes, only with different outcome. Thus, the story develops further, and the budget is being saved too.

Since the film does not take itself very seriously, and if you are a fan of low-budget independent movies, you might catch yourself smiling at some of the goofs in the movie, one of which is that the characters keep using their mobile phones as radio throughout the whole film. Other minor flaws include acting, some continuity errors and script holes.

Speaking of acting, which is somewhat bearable, yet at times of course it is so bad you want to get one of those “time coins” yourself, get back in time, and show these actors how to do it right.

Directing and editing is great, as Karwel handled those by himself, coming from an editing background – the man worked as an assistant editor on some bigger movies, so there are no flaws here. Same can be said about the music, which is greatly assorted, and fits into the film just fine.

In my opinion, “Time Again” can also be used in educational purposes, if you are a starting filmmaker yourself, since the film showcases how you build up an idea/script for a low-budget film based on your available finances.

In this particular case, we’re dealing with time traveling, and it works.

“Time Again” won an “Award of Merit” in 2011, and got two nominations as well – one “Action on Film Award”, and another one “Bonehead Award”.

If you like low-budget action, give it a look – there are plenty of fights and shoot outs, cute girls and time traveling as well.



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