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REVIEW: U.F.O. (2012)


Four friends, Michael, Robin, Dana and Vincent get together for a night out in a bar – lots of people dancing and drinking, loud music – everything as usual.

Michael (Sean Brosnan), a former Afghan vet, spots Carrie (Bianca Bree), a beautiful yet mysteriously looking young female, that seems to be attracted to Michael just as much as he is to her.

Vincent (Jazz Lintott) gets drunk, and starts a fight in a club, that later transforms to him and Michael fighting bouncers in front of the club. Soon however, they leave, along with Carrie, who is now in Michael’s hands.

What follows, is a night of sex, as Michael has his way with Carrie, and Robin makes love with Dana, to whom he recently proposed.

Vincent on the other hand is less lucky, as he falls asleep hugging a pan.

The next day, friends wake up, and realize something is wrong – whole city experiences the loss of power, phones do not work, and slowly the public in the area starts panicking.

Later it is revealed that the “UFO” has arrived, and the real fun begins.

Soon, friends realize that their only chance to survive is to get to George (Jean-Claude Van Damme), a retired intelligence officer, who seems to know what has been going on. However, one fatal secret is yet to be revealed…

“U.F.O.” is the first major starring role for Bianca Bree (plays Carrie) – the daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Previously, she only appeared in secondary parts, all in Van Damme’s movies. In here, she’s in the center of the film.

Bree has all the looks to become a star, however she definitely needs to start making movies on her own, without her famous dad’s back-up. In “U.F.O.” she doesn’t have much to do, despite playing the main part.

Sean Brosnan, the son of Pierce Brosnan, gets all the fun. Not only he gets to pleasure Van Damme’s daughter on screen, he also gets to drink, get into fights (particularly, the one with Joey Ansah is great), and just be an anti-hero prick.

Jean-Claude Van Damme here appears in a somewhat extended cameo, but he does get a couple of good scenes as well – one of which is when he gets to fight his own daughter!

Well-known UK actor Sean Pertwee appears in a brief role as a stray nutcase, who tries to warn our heroes about the “alien invasion”.

Overall, “U.F.O.” is a head above the usual cheap ufo and alien flicks, and the CGI looks somewhat okay.

What irritates the most is the style of directing that Dominic Burns has chosen to go for. Shaky camera, rough, fast transitions and cuts make the film hard to watch.



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