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REVIEW: Umbrage (2009) + trailer

Story: It’s an Old West, and we see a cowboy coming into a sleepy little town. He stops by a saloon, and quickly gets bitten by a female vampire. Some hundred years later, a guy named Jacob (cult Doug Bradley) takes his pregnant wife and daughter to a remote farmhouse.

Jacob’s daughter (stepdaughter) Rachel doesn’t care for her stepmom or Jacob at all, in fact we can clearly see she despises them. Jacob tries his best to prevent his women from tearing each other apart, in other words the situation between these three is unpleasant at best.

Meanwhile in the woods nearby, two hitchhikers are getting drunk, and later a mysterious female Lilith (stunning Natalie Cetino) joins them. Later on, Lilith turns out to be a vampire, and she kills one of the hikers, while the other one escapes, and manages to reach Jacob’s cabin.

Something has been unleashed into the dark of that night. Shadows take on a life of their own, and the blood begins to flow.

This is definitely going to be a night to remember, as Jacob’s family and the surviving hitchiker stand in the middle of a century old grudge between a vengeful undead cowboy and the re-awakened Lilith, the first vampire.

After watching “Umbrage” I felt this movie was missing something story wise. Everything seemed to have been done too quick, with very little on-screen explanations.

We do get to learn about the “first ever vampire” Lilith, who, according to the story “was there with Adam, even before Eve”, and she has been around for thousands of years.

Doug Bradley, although billed first, plays a very weak character (not that I expected a Pinhead or something), that doesn’t have any interesting scenes, and is pretty much wasted.

The film does have a couple of interesting scenes, which are both erotic, and both feature the stunningly beautiful Natalie Cetino. In one of the scenes we see “Adam” raping her, and in another scene, the undead cowboy has sex with her in hell.

Don’t get too excited – this aint xxx or anything even remotely close, but you can imagine what is “Umbrage” if these are the only two scenes worth checking out. Trailer for the movie is below.




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