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REVIEW: Uninhabited (2010) + trailer


“Uninhabited” is a story of two love birds, Beth and Henry, who decided to spend some time together on a remote, deserted coral island. Sounds romantic, right?

Well, yes, it was all romantic, until the young couple realized they were not the only ones on the island, and that there’s some ghost wanting to take its revenge for what happened to it in the past.

The film also is “based on real events”, a phrase which I forgot halfway through the movie. What were these so-called “real events” that the film was based on?

From what I could find, there was some girl that worked at a turtle canning factory back in the 1920’s, and she stepped on a stonefish, and died shortly after (there is one similar episode in the film).

Another assumption that I could make is that people who visited the island reported their “encounters” with some ghost. And, if you’re a filmmaker with some creativity, that’s enough of “facts and rumors” to base a film story on. That’s what we’ve got in “Uninhabited”.

However, the fact that film is “based on real events” doesn’t add anything to the picture. The pace of the film is slow, there is almost no chemistry between the two main characters (the fact that this film was male lead’s only movie says a lot).

Aside from that, there are some painfully dragging scenes – it seems like the director wanted to make the film last longer. I swallowed all that, expecting at least some “action” with the ghost, later in the film. Guess what, that did not happen either.

The only positive things about this movie are the creepy sounds and soundtrack, and a wonderful location (yes, the haunted island itself). Everything else is either bad, or cliche or just dull.

You might watch the film once, but its forgettable, even for fans of “ghost” movies. Oh yes, and the cover of the film makes you think its another “killer fish” movie…which its not. Feel free to watch the trailer for the movie below.




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