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REVIEW: Wasteland (2011) + trailer

I decided to give “Wasteland” a shot, since the poster of the film promised a post-apocalyptic tale of revenge…and, since these kind of sub-genre films do not come by often these days, I went for it.

The story is simple: Near future, our ecosystem collapsed. As a result – ruins everywhere, human race is on the edge of extinction, blah blah blah. In the middle of all this – our hero Keo (Garret Sato), who tries to adjust to the new life along with his wife and kid.

One day, a bunch of religious maniacs who call themselves “Chuch” come by, rape Keo’s wife (with her clothes on!), shoot Keo (three times), and take his boy…

Fast forward, “many years later” the situation is still the same, people are dying, cannibalism spreads like wildfire, there are scavengers, mutants and other crap all around.

We get to know, that Keo survived, despite being shot 3 times, and is now on a journey to find “Church” members, to revenge the death of his family. Oh yes, he also plans to find his son, believing he’s still alive.

Understanding this is an independent movie, understanding this is a B-movie, there is one thing I simply can’t get over – if the low-budget movie is not entertaining, it…well, sucks. To make it more clear, read the following “dialogue” below:

– Okay, let’s see… do you have shootouts in this movie?
– Yeah…total of 1 minute or so.
– I see. Any nudity, any cute girls, or a graphic rape scene?
– Um, no.
– Right. How about some jaw-dropping martial arts scenes?
– Well, we got some chicks fighting, and….
– What about some cool sfx, or gory scenes? Any of that?
– Well, we got people in masks, playing mutants…but, no nothing really gross.
– Do you have a fat guy with funny voice, who gets his balls cut off, and then they get eaten?
– Yes! We have that!!!!

I hope you get the point. There’s very little actual entertainment in the film. Garret Sato is not James Lew or Simon Rhee, so I don’t really blame him.

The film would have been better technically: the whole audio (voices, and sounds) were added in post-production, and sometimes words are said, and the lips are not moving, there are some annoying continuity errors, and some elements in the plot are completely out of place.

Why in the name of B-movies, we got mutants wearing masks? For God’s sake, if you got a black guy playing a mutant, then find him a mask that matches his color! Don’t put a white mask on him!

The only entertaining thing about this is this Fat guy with a funny voice I mentioned earlier. Our hero threatens to kill him (in some cultures, people cut of balls, eat them, and get stronger – something like that). And the same day, he does cut off fat guy’s balls! Anyway, that put a smile on my face.

Anyway, I can appreciate the effort. The budget for the film was probably very very low, but its the plot that ruins it.

I could even overlook the technical problems “Wasteland” has, but it’s just too boring. Nothing really grabs your attention. You can check out the trailer for the movie below:




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  1. HaHa just watched this 😛 probably the worst film i have ever seen, would not recommend it to anyone xD

  2. Tom, yes, “Wasteland” is definitely nothing to brag about, but the guy who wrote this thing actually contacted me on Facebook after I spread the review there, and thanked me for reviewing the film. I can appreciate an effort, but this sadly doesn’t make the film any better. Better luck next time.

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