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REVIEW: Weather Wars (2011)


A brilliant scientist and meteorologist Marcus Grange (Stacy Keach) is working on a new project called “Thunderbird”, that allows people to control weather.

The project was being supported by the U.S. government, until the funding was cut off, despite Grange’s protests. He, however, was not ready to let it go just like that…

Years later, Grange, now a bum on the streets of Washington is the one causing havoc – by controlling weather, causing storms, lightning and all kinds of natural disasters.

He blames the government, and is targeting Senator Aldrich (Lance E. Nichols) as the one responsible for his project being halted years ago.

It is soon revealed, that Grange has gone completely nuts over the years – killing those who stood against his project.

At the same time, Grange’s two sons, David (Jason London) and Jacob (Wes Brown) are out to stop their father, before he ruins down Washington completely.

“Weather Wars”, or “Storm War” may seem as silly as a a cheap sci-fi movie can be, but it is a bit more than that.

What is it like to be a bum, and be able to control weather through an iPhone? Stacy Keach does it here, singing songs along the way, and he’s enjoying it as much as he can.

Jason London plays the stereotypical character, and he doesn’t have any surprises at all. Same can be said about Wes Brown, who at times, looks like a younger version of Gerard Butler.

Overall, the acting is good, however, as you’ve probably guessed, all the special effects here are CGI, and some of them do not look natural at all.

The story mostly is about the “mad meteorologist”, who is obsessed with revenge, and everyone else tries to stop him. Bleak subplot of the film circles around the relations between Grange and his different sons.

Basically, the only way to enjoy “Weather Wars” is to completely switch off your brain, and watch some fake natural disasters.

Towards the end of the film, you catch yourself thinking that the whole damn army is trying to capture one man, a bum, who has a “magic phone” that controls the weather.

This sounds so absurd, that you just might want to sit it to the end, just to see how it ends. Speaking of the ending, it is a bit abrupt, however there was a room left for a sequel.

If one does get made, it is highly doubtful that Stay Keach would return to reprise his part as a mad meteorologist.



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