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REVIEW: Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)


The name alone didn’t promise much. The trailer looked tasty enough to watch the whole thing at least once. The film turned out to be surprisingly…good!

The story follows “Wrong Turn 4”, when we see the brothers escape the mental hospital, and now they’re living in West Virginia.

The 5th installment of the “Wrong Turn” trilogy again has a bunch of “stupid teens”, in this case – college students – that arrive in a small town of FairLake, West Virginia for the Mountain Man Music Festival on Halloween.

Little do they know that the infamous trio of deformed cannibalistic brothers are running around, picking up on people, and this time, they even got themselves “a mentor” – Maynard (Doug Bradley).

Local sheriff Angela Carter (Camilla Arfwedson) is unaware of the danger, and is more concerned with the upcoming festival and the issue of having her prison cells full of drunks from the event.

It doesn’t take long before “the family” and Maynard reveal themselves, however the police arrives just in time to capture Maynard, while the rest of the cannibals look on.

Next thing we know – Maynard and the college kids are thrown into prison. Maynard for attacking one of the kids with a knife, while the others are charged with possession of marijuana.

Soon however this becomes of very little importance, as the cannibals begin to raise bodycount, to get Maynard out of the prison. Since everyone are busy with the festival, who’s going to fight back?

Like already mentioned “Wrong Turn 5” is good. While not as good as the original “Wrong Turn”, its anything but boring.

The film isn’t boring because of the amount of long, painful, disqusting death scenes. For that very reason some might not find it “entertaining”.

Our bloodthirsty hillbillies feed a victim her own intestines, cut off deputy’s ears, break a teen’s knees, even burn a drunk in a can – well, you get the idea.

Now let’s move on to the actors and characters. Speaking of the cannibals – only one of them, Three Fingers stands out – mostly due to his creepy laugh, while the two other brothers look kind of lame compared to him.

The film is actually carried by Doug Bradley and Camilla Arfwedson.

Bradley landed a great role – he gets to kill a few people, gets to say some cool lines (I am gonna keep you alive for a while, because I am gonna f*ck you. And then my three boys are gonna f*ck you. And then when we’re done, I am gonna cut off your titties as a souvenir!). And no, he’s not a “bait” in the film – he actually gets to live all until the end.

Camilla Arfwedson on the other hand is an eye candy. She’s really beautiful, and handles her role well, while the role itself is not that great – the sheriff here is basically helpless, with very little confidence in herself and no control over the situation.

Declan O’Brien left a really attractive room for another, 6th part, if it ever goes that far. As for this part 5 – if you somewhat liked part 4, you should enjoy this one as well.



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