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REVIEW: Zombie Apocalypse (2011) + trailer

Here we go, another zombie survival flick, this time from “The Asylum”. Believe it or not, there are some surprises in this one.

The film begins with fake stock footage of how the “VM2 virus was spreading” to get us into the right mood. We start off with Paris, then Japan, and the the United States – this is where all the action is going to take place. As usual we have a bunch of survivors, who are doing their best not to become food for the undead.

Ving Rhames is one of the leads here, playing Henry, who hates zombies because they ate his horse (“they can mess with me, but they can’t mess with my horse!”), and other characters, who, by my standards, can be considered rather usual.

One of such characters is Ramona (Taryn Manning), a small unattractive Reese Witherspoon look-a-like, who simply kept irritating me throughout the whole movie.

As for the zombies themselves, they are mostly “classic zombies” who walk slowly, although in the film, “the runners” (running zombies) are mentioned, we never really see them.

The zombie make-up is not that great, and the scenes are shot that way so you cannot really see the “rotting faces” in detail. Our heroes are mostly equipped with baseball bats, tools and swords, so don’t expect much of gunplay here.

The script doesn’t offer anything new, following the old formula of “we need to stay together and get to the safehouse somewhere out there…”. One of the surprises in “Zombie Apocalypse” was the introduction of tiger zombies. Yes, CGI tigers turned into zombies (Ving Rhames battles two of these!).

Interesting thing is, zombie tigers are fast as hell, while the zombie humans are mostly slow…I guess the “VM2” virus has different effect on people and animals.

Speaking of CGI, probably due to budget constraints there is CGI in nearly every scene of the film: every gunshot is CGI, zombie tigers are CGI, dogs are CGI, even the fight scenes with zombies have CGI effects (wounds, cuts, chops, etc), and of course the views of ruined buildings and so on.

In my opinion creators got carried away with CGI here, since there’s one scene that is a complete fail, thanks to CGI – a female lead has a (I think) stationary Browning machine gun pointed at a bunch of zombies, and starts shooting them down…great, except for the fact that since the “firing” is CGI – the shells cartridge doesn’t even move!

We do see CGI bullets, we see the empty shells falling from one side, while on the other side the shells cartridge remains static! And yes, we get that in detail.

Well, since it is Asylum’s production I didn’t give it too much thought.

If you’re a zombie movie fan, this is watchable. If you simply like horror movies, you might as well pass on “Zombie Apocalypse”, as there are a lot better movies. Check out the trailer for the film below.




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  1. Judging by the trailer, Taryn Manning is not so unattractive 🙂 I think I will pass on it because of Rhames. Seems like he presents typical Black gangsta guy ‘I will kick your ass muthafucka’ attitude which I personally hate in a movies.

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