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REVIEW: Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from this kind of film. Now, I do know that Rutger Hauer is not as popular as he once was, that his best days were behind him, and I honestly did not want to believe that great actor like him would agree to star in something like this. I dont think, I was ever so wrong about a film, as I was about this one…

“Delivering justice. One shell at a time.”

It all starts off with a hobo (played by Hauer) arriving in an unknown city. We quickly get to realize that Hobo travels from town to town, that he is homeless, no money, no nothing, and so on.

However, in this very town where we see him arriving, he witnesses things no one (I believe) of us would want to see even in the sickest dreams.

The city is total chaos, no laws, just plain violence, murders, rape, and anything else you can think of. The whole town is being ruled by ruthless Drake (Brian Downey from “Lexx”) and his two crazy sons, Slick and Ivan.

At first, Hobo tries not to pay attention, he doesnt even blink when a man gets his head torn off by Slick and Ivan, right in front of him. He wants to stay alone, he wants to be forgotten.

However, exactly the opposite happens. Next, we see Hobo trying to protect a hooker from one of Drake’s sons, and he succeeds (and surprises everyone else by doing so, since no one ever tried to stand up to Drake and his gang of psychos).

Hobo gets beaten, nearly to death, and his patience starts to run out… And when it does… its basically one man with nothing to lose against whole town of crazy sadistic killers…

From the beginning, you can feel this is what b-movies are all about. There are tons of gore, very graphic, disturbing scenes, and the music (that plays during the film) is something special in its own right.

The whole movie is a complete mix of insanity, and Hobo is the only one we really care for. He’s no hero, he’s an antihero, a bum. A man with a shotgun, who has nothing left to lose, so he won’t back down. And boy, he goes all the way…

This film is a proof, that one man (in some cases) can make a difference. I am almost sure, this film will get its deserved cult status, and Hobo is to become a cult hero.

So, if you’re tired of watching blank hollywood dramas, get a chance to watch “Hobo with a Shotgun” – this is a film made with a heart (dig the ending credits soundtrack from Lisa Lougheed).

As for Rutger Hauer – if he was brilliant in “The Hitcher” (back when he was young), the older Rutger Hauer is definitely Hobo, he proves he still got some “shells left in his shotgun”.



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