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REVIEW: Killing Gunther (2017)

By Tim Tal

The first five minutes of “Killing Gunther” right away tell you a few important things about the film: there’s some “Gunther” guy, there are a bunch of crazy assassins that want to kill him and that there’s a film crew following them around. And all this supposed to be funny and entertaining.

Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is “the best hitman working in the industry”, and a bunch of other killers plan to get rid of him, to “become the best”. Their leader, Blake (Taran Killam) is obsessed with taking down “Gunther”, however not everything goes as planned.

Blake’s team includes an overweight bomb expert, a beautiful Iranian female shooter, a Japanese killer (that loves snakes, hates blood and likes to poison people), a computer expert that is almost completely out of this world – well, you get the idea. No surprise some of you may end up rooting for Gunther.

Gunther, on the other hand, seems to be aware of “the hunt”, and always seems to be ahead, mocking our “assassins”, leaving them with nothing every time.

This is Taran Killam’s first film as a director. He also wrote the film and stars as Blake – Gunther’s main nemesis, whom we follow around with the film crew. While Killam’s first film does star Schwarzenegger, it turned out to be too much of “tongue in cheek”, with overly vivid characters and silly jokes.

One the other side, the film stands out as a bizarre action-comedy, and it will be interesting to see what Killam writes next.

The film’s main attraction is Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he doesn’t appear in the film for the first hour or so (IMDb says 67 minutes). The whole “Gunther” build up is going on for too long. For more than an hour, Gunther remains a complete mystery that is waiting to be revealed.

However, if you can accept the film for what it is, not take it seriously (no seriousness here, whatsoever), then you might actually enjoy it. This includes you too, die-hard Arnold fans.

Killing Gunther is similar to an old joke: Every time you hear it from someone, you make yourself smile, but it’s not really funny.

Needless to say, this is not Schwarzenegger’s best film. This is hardly even his best film since he returned to acting after his political career. There are references to Arnold’s past films, he even says some of the famous lines from his old movies.

Judging by the film itself, it seems like Arnold agreed to do it purely for fun. Bu then again, at the current state of his life and career…why shouldn’t he have some fun?


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