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REVIEW: PoolBoy: Drowning out the Fury (2011)

There are bad movies that are entertaining, there are bad movies that are gross, and there are bad movies that are so awful, you wish you could get those 2 hours of your life back. “PoolBoy” here fits into several categories. One thing about this movie I can say right now: it is not boring.

The plot is…well simple to say the least. The director “James St. James” tells us a heartbreaking story of how he was making his movie “PoolBoy”. Along with James, we get to see the whole “film”.

The story focuses on Vietnam veteran Sal Brando (played by Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo) who returns home to California: a place he doesn’t recognize, his wife cheated on him, and “the Mexicans” are all over the place, running the pool-cleaning companies.

Naturally, a fighter like Brando, sets off on a mission to reclaim what he believes is truly american, and enact revenge on a Mexican crime lord Caesar (Danny Trejo), who killed his family.

So far so good, however later the whole film turns into a non-stop flow of dirty toilet jokes, idiotic parodies on more famous films, numerous flashbacks, and some absolutely ridiculous and amusing scenes.

I can feel that the whole crew, along with the actors were having fun on set, but seeing Kevin Sorbo and Danny Trejo in this kind of film…, to say the least I was surprised.

After “Hercules” tv series, Sorbo has been doing faily good with these straight to video sci-fi movies, but here he does something entirely different.

As the movie goes on, the amount of on-screen idiotism increases, and honestly, in my opinion, the director stepped over the line a bit, as I personally got tired of all the nonsense that was going on.

To sum it up, “PoolBoy” was intended to be funny, gross and entertaining – and on those levels it succeeds (really not suited for viewers under 18).

If you’ve seen the “Scary Movie” series, you know what to expect here. On the other hand, those looking for a more serious “B-movie” might want to skip this one, as there’s not much else to look for.



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