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REVIEW: Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline? (2010)


So you might be wondering “Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline”? Well, the guy is a private investigator. And the film opens up with a narration from Scribbleline himself who tells us that he’s on a new case.

Scribbleline is basically as far from a private investigator as a man can be. Possibly no one in his right mind would hire this guy to even find his missing cat. Speaking of cats, Scribbleline’s “office” is full of them, for an unknown reason.

It seems like Scribbleline wasn’t very lucky with cases lately, despite throughout the film he’s spoken of as “the best”. No wonder such guy got thrown off the police force.

Anyway, the new case involves a rich older man named Burle Krashnikov (Abdul Abdullah), who asks our hero to find his young wife Helen (Paula Martinez), who has been missing for several days.

A quite cheesy dialogue follows, where Scribbleline gets promised a big sum of money for the job, and even has some guts to bargain a bit:

Scribbleline: Every bullet I see doubles the price.
Krashnikov: Yours or theirs?
Scribbleline: Same thing.

What follows is Scribbleline “getting to work” by using his old contacts on the force and local whores, to find out where he could find the missing girl.

The film slowly moves ahead as we follow Scribbleline, and listen to his own narration about how bad “the city” has become, how corrupt everyone is, and so on. While our private dick curses everyone and everything, he is basically one of those he hates so much.

He soon finds Helen with some young guy, and then we’re hit with an unexpected twist that forces Scribbleline to go into a completely different direction.

Soon, things get even more complicated for Scribbleline, as a beautiful Asian girl (Alexandria Nguyen) hires him to find her missing brother.

Scribbleline now realizes that all the latest happenings and his particular cases are connected with each other.

“Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline?” was shot in Houston, for a budget less than $500, according to the filmmakers, and the whole idea was inspired by film noir and detective films.

While the film screams “low-budget” basically in every aspect, “Who the Hell is JD Scribbleline?” has a few interesting scenes, a couple of cool twists, and overall proves once again that the best thing you could have to make a low-budget movie – is a dedicated team.

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