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“A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster” – webseries aiming towards TV (exclusive)

guy-girl-monster-hollywoodIt really has been a long time, since we’ve seen or heard about a modern show or TV-series that features puppets living alongside with humans.

Looks like, the void is to be filled, as new webseries “A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster” have recently been launched online.

The story of the series is simple, and would mostly appply to general audience. The project is a collaboration with emerging writers/directors from the USC Graduate Film Program.

Henry is a monster, of the under the bed variety. Down on his luck he searches for a little girl he belonged to in the 80’s. He finds her in Los Angeles living with her fiance and they take him in and the trio learns to live together in the big city.

Jenn Daugherty, one of the creators behind the series, talked to BZFilm about the creation of the series, the monster itself, and its possible future.

“I have always loved puppets and about three years ago I started making them myself. The first puppets I created were for another series I worked on called Monster’s Nut House,” Daugherty said.

“Then last August my fiance, Phillip Hughes, and I moved to LA because he was accepted into the University of Southern California’s Graduate Film Program. I had just finished a short film called “The Monster Under the Bed” that recently screened at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and I was left wondering what the next step should be.”

The Monster Under the Bed featured “Henry the Monster”, that would later become the main monster in the “A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster” webseries.

“There were so many talented filmmakers at Phil’s school that I really wanted to create a project that would allow multiple directors to collaborate with one another. I had wanted to create a show that could feature Henry Monster and a world that monsters, imaginary friends and regular humans inhabited,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty added that last August she started writing and collecting the directors that she wanted to be involved with the first season of the webseries. In February, the first episode of the webseries was launched.

guy-girl-monster-posterMEET HENRY THE MONSTER

Further on, BZFilm asked how the monster itself was created.

“Henry Monster was created while I was working on the series, Monster’s Nut House,” Daugherty continued.

“Jason Witter and Scott Bryan, the creators of the series, had created other monster characters and I made all the puppets for them.”

Daugherty noted that after she completed those puppets, she started creating her own monster puppets.

“Henry was one of those characters. He never got fully integrated into the series and I have been itching to create a vehicle for him ever since.”


Daugherty said that right now the filmmakers run the first season of 13 episodes.

“In between these episodes will be ten bonus episodes featuring commercials and video blogs done by different characters. We are hoping that we can gain enough of popularity to justify a second season,” she said.

Speaking of the audience for the show, Daugherty said the whole thing started off small, and right now the work is being conducted towards the content.

“Although we are doing some small promotional pushes we are really trying to attract an audience through content. We are also planning to have a booth at vidcon in early August to start integrating ourselves into the rest of the online community,” she noted.

She underscored that the ultimate goal for “A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster” would be to see its successful transition to television.

“It has been far too long since we had a prime time show that featured puppets and humans living together,” she admitted.


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