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About $800 million in deals on independent films made at American Film Market annually

american-film-marketIt has recently been announced that the 2013 American Film Market & Conferences will take place on November 6-13.

8,000+ industry professionals from over 70 countries who will attend AFM to gain exposure, discover new projects and make deals.

The American Film Market & Conferences is arguably the largest gathering of film industry professionals in North America, where a big amount of film deals is made every year.

“We don’t know what deals will be done in advance, but about $800 million in production and distribution deals on independent films are closed at AFM every year,” the managing director of the American Film Market, Jonathan Wolf told BZFilm.

Answering the question if there are any first-time participating countries expected at this year’s event, Wolf said this is not to be announced until late Summer/early Fall.

“We usually have exhibitors from more than 30 countries and attendees from more than 70,” he said.

With regard to attendees, Wolf told BZFilm that it involves everyone including those in producing, financing, licensing, marketing and distributing Independent films.

“We don’t announce or promote the names of specific people,” he underscored.

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