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Cult action movie might get a sequel after 25 years – EXCLUSIVE

If you happen to have absolutely no idea what the pic on your left is about – then you don’t know much about “B-movie action”.

The picture (or an old washed up VHS poster) on the left is from a cult action film “Deadly Prey” by David A. Prior.

Now, of course, those of you who prefer going to the cinemas to see the blockbusters (Expendables don’t count!) that big studios want to feed you with, then you probably wouldn’t even watch this.

However, this has to be seen to be believed. And, NO, I am not the only one who likes this movie. It didn’t gain a “cult” status for nothing.

Anyway, the deal is that reportedly, there is going to be a sequel. Yep, you read it right, “Deadly Prey” will supposedly be shot sometime next year, and we just happen to have someone,who can shed some light on this news. This someone is future producer of this film, Fabio Soldani.




I’ve been talking with David Prior about possible sequel to “Deadly Prey” for, I believe, the last 2 years. At the time, he wasn’t interested in doing this. He said there is no more market for this type low budget action movies. He got me involved in a fantasy movie called ‘The One Warrior’ (which just finished post production and will be released later this year) which he wrote and produced.

Then the subject of “Deadly Prey sequel” came back, fanbase of the movie grown up, and eventually David saw the potential to make this movie in the future. I, of course, being a huge fan of the original, wanted to be a part of it.  I just finished story for my original project “Night Claws” and got David to write the script for me, and direct the movie as well. On the set, and after shooting we talked alot about possible story for “Deadly Prey sequel”. David had a few very good ideas, Ted Prior and I had some suggestions too.

Ted become more and more involved doing “Deadly Prey” conventions and before I could imagine, David started writing the script. However, fundraising didn’t worked out as we hoped it could. Right now I’m working on another movie called “Relentless Justice” which we are going to shoot in Alabama next year and David came up with the idea of shooting “Deadly Prey” just after we finish with “Relentless Justice” to cut down the costs as much as possible and make it just like the old days – ultra low budget. Naturally all people who would donate any money for this movie are welcome. It’s going to be fun!

I also asked Soldani whether the possible sequel will be anything close to the original. Seems like it’s going to be just that, and maybe even more.

“Deadly Prey” will be absolutely in the same vein as the original was. Extremely low budget action movie, no jokes, everything deadly serious, unpredictable, bloody and violent. Can’t tell much about a script as I haven’t seen it completed yet, but but the action will take place 20-25 years later. Colonel Hogan (David Campbell) is released from prison, and he plans his bloody revenge on Mike Danton (Ted Prior). Fans can expect Hogan’s character to be much more vicious and dangerous than he was in the original and naturally Danton will remain the same because ‘In Vietnam he was the best…and he still is!’

Fans of the original movie should be delighted, because of the fact that David Prior wrote the script, and he will direct the movie so there is no bull going around. Aside from Ted, David Campbell will come back as a Colonel Hogan once again and just few days ago I heared from David Prior, that they finally found Fritz Matthews who played evil Lt. Thornton in the original movie. Like many people out there, I couldn’t be more happy. Three best characters from the movie will come back in sequel.

Well, he said it all. Now, we just have to wait a little, and see in which direction this will go. I somehow believe David Prior will make it happen – as this is not a Hollywood blockbuster, there’s always a way out, as no one needs to rely on big studios to get the money. Yay for the Deadly Prey!

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