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David Worth: Younger audience doesn’t remember or care about original “Bloodsport” & “Kickboxer”

david-worth-newLast week more news came up regarding the remakes of classic martial arts films of Jean-Claude Van Damme, in particular “Bloodsport” and “Kickboxer”.

As Collider reported, a few years ago, “Salt” director Philip Noyce became attached to helm a new iteration of “Bloodsport”, however the movement on the pic has been nonexistent in the ensuing months.

Lately, Variety reported that the project isn’t really dead, as Relativity Media has tapped “The Raven” and “V for Vendetta” helmer James McTeigue to direct “Bloodsport”. The production should take place in Australia and Rio de Janeiro early next year.

Until then, BZFilm decided to contact David Worth (director of original Kickboxer, and original Bloodsport’s director of photography), and ask his opinion on the upcoming remakes.

“A lot of today’s younger audience does not remember or care about the original Bloodsport & Kickboxer,” Worth told BZFilm. “So these “re-imagined” versions should do well if they are exciting & compelling to watch.”

Considering that Worth worked on both “Bloodsport” and “Kickboxer”, it was interesting to know whether he himself believes any of the two movies actually need a remake.

“That’s a large part of the process, remaking and recycling successful products… Otherwise Disney would not have bought Star Wars,” Worth said.

Worth did not express any negativity towards the “Bloodsport” and “Kickboxer” remakes, however said in order for these films successful, they need to be compelling and exciting.

It should be noted that currently, director Albert Pyun is planning to work on his own version of “Kickboxer”, based on the sequels to the original, which had another leading man in Sasha Mitchell. Pyun’s film seems to be an independent project that is not connected with the official “Kickboxer” remake.

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