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Director Albert Pyun reveals new Kickboxer story, promises lots of fighting (exclusive)

sasha-mitchell-kickboxerCult action director Albert Pyun has recently shared some details regarding his new “Kickboxer” project with BZFilm.

It has been previously reported that Pyun planned to make a “Kickboxer” web series. Pyun himself has recently shared an update on his Facebook page regarding the project as well.

“We’ve begun amore serious preparation for The Kickboxer. We are discussing a scout to Ecuador in June to visit the high mountain villages in the Andes nearest to Quito, the capital city. Right no I am just trying to find out what is available in Ecuador and what isn’t,” he said.

Speaking to BZFilm regarding the possible movie, Pyun revealed some details of the story, which centers around Sasha Mitchell.

“This is not a sequel or a prequel, but we find Sasha working as a village blacksmith raising his family in a small mountain village in the Andes, near the border with Colombia. A cartel gang travels through the village, has a run in with Sasha over his daughter and one recognizes Sasha as an ex-kickboxing champ from years ago,” Pyun told BZFilm.

“Back in Colombia, the cartel decides to capture Sasha and force him to fight in their MMA cage fights held in Cartegena once a year for a world wide cartel gathering. You can guess how it goes,” he added.

If it wasn’t for Pyun saying “Sasha” instead of “David Sloan”, the story could’ve easily been the sequel to the story of kickboxer whom Mitchell played years ago. However, it seems like Pyun’s new “Kickboxer” will go into a different direction.

“I want it to feature old style kickboxing/ muy thai against modern MMA fighting,” Pyun said. “We will shoot it likely in Ecuador or Argentina this summer before the rainy season hits the high mountains.”

Previously, Pyun noted that Mitchell himself likes Muay Thai, and the film (or web series for that matter) will have plenty of fights.

Since Mitchell, who has changed a lot since his “Kickboxer 2” days, and is considered a forgotten star today, it would be interesting to see what Pyun can make out of this film idea.

One way or another, the fans would sure love to see Mitchell fighting again, in Ecuador or Argentina.

It also would’ve been nice if Pyun could get some actors that worked with him before, to star in the film. Yes, we’re talking about Thom Mathews, Vincent Klyn, Norbert Weisser and Tim Thomerson.

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