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Director David A. Prior talks “Deadliest Prey” (exclusive)

david-a-prior-lookOver 25 years ago, David Prior and his brother Ted Prior made an action movie titled “Deadly Prey”. Cheesy, brutal, and entertaining as hell – the film, as the time went on, became a cult b-movie for the fans of “so bad its good” films.

The story of the original film was about a ruthless former military man, Colonel Hogan (David Campbell), who trains a large group of former U.S. Servicement as mercenaries by having them hunt down and kill people they abduct off the streets of Los Angeles. Only this time they kidnapped the wrong victim – a former marine named Mike Danton (Ted Prior), who turns from prey into hunter.

David Prior said an idea to make the sequel was born because of many screenings of “Deadly Prey” going on around the world.

“Ted (Prior) was flown to Texas for one such screening, and it was packed, so we figured, why not make a sequel?,” David Prior told BZFilm.

It should be noted that previously, in an interview to BZFilm, Ted Prior noted that him and David decided to make a sequel based on fan mail and various screenings.

“I’ve talked to lot of fans of the movie, and after having all kinds of ideas thrown at us, Dave and I have decided to stick to the basic formula as the original. Fast pace and hard hitting,” Ted Prior told BZFilm at the time (read full interview here).


Actors from the original film (Ted Prior, David Campbell, Fritz Matthews) all returned for the sequel, and according to David Prior, they were easily convinced to do the film.

“They all loved doing it.  We had a blast really.  It was like going back to camp after many, many years away,” he said.

When asked if the film crew used an online crowdfunding platform for raising money for “Deadliest Prey”, Prior says his experience with it wasn’t that good.

“We tried it, and it didn’t work, so we went to private investors for it. But hey, if you can make a crowdfunding work for you, use it,” Prior said.

Compared to “Deadly Prey”, Prior said they were able to use real explosions and a real helicopter in the sequel.

“So far are reviews have been great.  Everyone seems to like the movie very much,” he said.


David Prior went on to say that he doesn’t exclude an idea to make a third “Deadly Prey”.

“It is hard to say now,” he said. “Possibly Ted’s real son will become the new Danton some day.  We are open to the idea.”

Aside from “Deadliest Prey”, David Prior said that there are plans for a sequel of his first ever 1983 feature film “Sledgehammer” in the near future. When asked about his other lesser known films, such as “Hostile Environment”, Prior dismissed the idea, saying it was a work for hre, so he cannot do it.

Nonetheless, make sure you check out “Deadliest Prey”!

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