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Director of “Midget Zombie Takeover” says sequel already in works (exclusive)

midget-zombie-takeoverFilmmaker Glenn Berggoetz whose latest low-budget horror flick “Midget Zombie Takeover” (review here) has been in the spotlight recently, said there will be a sequel to the film.

“We are already working on it,” Berggoetz told BZFilm. “I already have an outline for the script, and since I don’t want to simply re-do the first film.”

Berggoetz, who is also an English professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver, also said that this time he’s looking for a much bigger budget to work with.

“I’m looking to actually get a  decent-sized budget, at least $60,000, so we can make the sequel more horror-based than the first one,” Berggoetz noted, adding that he will probably be looking for crowdfunding the project at Kickstarter or IndieGoGo.

“I also have a person who has good Hollywood connections, so maybe he can find a financial backer or two to fund the sequel,” Berggoetz said. “We’re looking at shooting the film in the summer of 2014.”

Berggoetz also said that a well-known TV personality might star in the “Midget Zombie Takeover” sequel.

“I’m really excited with the sequel because at the world premiere, the legendary late-night TV host of “Cinema Insomnia,” Mr. Lobo, was at the premiere doing a promotional appearance, and he absolutely loved the film,” Berggoetz said.

“After the screening he approached me and said we had to do a sequel, and he said he wants to be in it. I said he could only be in it if we got to kill him off in a bloody fashion in the film. He replied – “You better kill me off!”. So I am excited that we could have a legendary television personality in the sequel who will immediately draw in viewers for the film.”

Speaking of the first “Midget Zombie Takeover”, it, thus far, gathered nearly $7,000 at the box office, while being made for only $2,000.

“So far, we are averaging over $1,100 per screening. We have three screenings next week (Thursday in Denver and Friday and Saturday in Phoenix), and with the feedback I’ve received online, it looks like we might have some really big crowds coming out – I fully expect to go over $10,000 in box office by the end of the weekend,” Berggoetz said.

He added that so far “Midget Zombie Takeover” was screened six times in five different cities, and there are more screenings for “Midget Zombie Takeover” coming in the U.S., plus the film has also been booked for screening in London.

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