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Director of “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies” talks to BZFilm (exclusive)

cody-knottsHaving promised to get more attention to the “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies” film, which already stands out by its name, here’s a treat for you – the director of the picture Cody Knotts kindly agreed to have a brief talk with BZFilm regarding his film.

Answering BZFilm’s first question – the obvious one – why was the film decided to be made in the first place, Knotts’ answer was brutally simple.

“I have a 14-year old son. He loves pro wrestling and zombies. Hence, let’s put them together,” he said.

“Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies” was funded on Kickstarter, for $30,000.

“We also had other investors that came on board,” Knotts told BZFilm. “The initial money was used to seed the project.”

Speaking of the wrestlers who appear in the film, Knotts admitted, that he wanted Roddy Piper from the get go.

“He’s an icon, and an amazing actor. Shane Douglas helped with picking the actors. My one sad note was I wanted to work with Terry Funk. He is a great man,” Knotts said.

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Further speaking on Douglas, Knotts noted that he not only opened a lot of doors, but also was a co-producer on the film, and helped with fight coordination.

“He is a great man to work with and a good friend. We went to college together at Bethany College, WV,” Knotts added.

Regarding the distribution of the film, Knotts was brief, noting that “the film will have legs” and will be distributed “all around the world”.

And, of course, we couldn’t keep silent about a possible sequel to “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies”, and Knotts revealed some interesting ideas.

“Well, everyone would love a huge budget and the Rock (Dwayne “Rock” Johnson), but we would also love to see his father in a film with him,” Knotts said. “I was a fan of Rocky Johnson as a kid.”

Knotts also said he’d love to work with  CM Punk and SoCal Val.

“She’s just amazing looking,” Knotts said of SoCal Val. “We are adding her to the final scene in the film, so that will happen in this film.”

Still not convinced “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies” is a winner? Then check out the trailer below, which, by the way, also shows the director Cody Knotts being in film in a minor role.


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