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English professor, filmmaker to begin work on reality show with bigfoot and psychics (exclusive)

glenn-berggoetzFilmmaker Glenn Berggoetz is definitely not wasting any time, after making his latest horror flick “Midget Zombie Takeover”.

As he recently told BZFilm, he’s working on a couple of new films, and one of those is a TV pilot.

“This TV pilot we will be shooting in about 6-7 weeks. It’s a reality show, and all I’ll say about it is that it  involves psychics and a bigfoot,” Berggoetz told BZFilm.

The other TV pilot that Berggoetz is involved with is a sketch comedy show titled “Driving With Our Eyes Shut”.

“We got some great performances from some really talented actors and actresses when we were shooting, so I’m excited to see how the final edit turns out,” he said.

Berggoetz, who is also an English professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver, added that aside from the bigfoot reality show, he’s also busy shooting feature films.

“I’m beginning to market our psychological thriller/horror feature film “Evil Intent” to theaters. The film was completed a couple years  ago, but since one of the co-stars of the film, Libby Baker, is beginning to make a name for herself in Hollywood by appearing in the hit TV shows “Modern Family” and “Up All Night,” and since we’ve already landed some VOD and PPV deals for the film, I’m going to see if we can get a theatrical run for the film,” Berggoetz explained.

Another film that Berggoetz is working on is a psychological thriller titled “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods”.

“We shot it late last summer, a month and a half after we finished shooting Midget Zombie Takeover,” Berggoetz said.

“We’re thinking it could be really good as we received incredible performances from the two stars of the film, Matt “Goose” Goosherst and Haidyn Harvey, who has a bit of a track record in Hollywood herself (she has acted in films starring Ron Perlman and Dominic Monaghan),” he said.

Berggoetz added that he plans to have “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” ready for a late 2013 or early 2014 release.

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