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Ex-fighter to present his documentary on curing cancer at Intl. Woman’s Film Festival

ian jacklin i cure cancer filmFormer kickboxing champion, actor, and documentary filmmaker, Ian Jacklin has been asked to screen his “I Cure Cancer” documentary at the International Woman’s Film Festival.

The festival will take place in Miami, on March 20-24, 2013. Jacklin will present the first part of his documentary there, and he’s currently working on the second part of the film.

“It is a huge honor,” Jacklin told BZFilm. “By the time the festival starts, the second part of the film should be done too, so who knows – maybe I will have a world premiere then as well.”

Jacklin also shared some of his thoughts regarding the documentary, and explained the differences between the first and second parts of his film.

“Part one teaches you that cancer is curable. Part two focuses on the same thing, yet it is more in depth, and shows some protocols people are using,  that are quite successful. And of course to let the people know their children are in danger.”

Speaking of the title for his second film, Jacklin said that he’s afraid the title can scare people off, which he definitely wouldn’t want to.

“I want to call the second part – I Cure Cancer 2 – Baby Killers, because this is what it’s all about. Some people think it is too negative of a name, and might turn people off from watching it,” he said. “So, I may call it Baby Saviors instead, but time will tell.”

Currently, Jacklin is not sure whether he will present the second part of his film at the upcoming festival.

“There is an IndieGoGo campaign going on right now for the second film,” Jacklin said. “We need another $20,000 though to finish it right in order to get it to top film festivals and a theatrical release.”

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