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“Women don’t need to be topless or covered in blood to be in horror genre”

ashley-paolinoToday a lot of starting filmmakers go towards crowdfunding for their films, and a lot of such people have made very impressive movies, thus proving the crowdfunding model to be working.

Ashley Paolino is one such filmmaker, who has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for her first horror film “Release”. The project is currently in pre-production stage.

Her campaign at IndieGoGo was launched in February and will last until late April. As of now, Paolino needs just slightly over $800 to reach her goal, to make “Release” for just $1500.

“Release” is about Ty, a struggling young man, suffers from schizophrenic attacks after his break up. As the story unfolds, Ty faces the person he is becoming and seeks the truth about his past relationship. If he doesn’t get the answers he deserves, there will be consequences.

BZFilm spoke to Paolino about her project, which is actually inspired by true events.

“The film was inspired by events that happened to me when I was a teenager and in love for the first time. I decided to take the pain of my own experience, twist it into a juicy horror film, and add a supernatural twist at the end,” Paolino tells BZFilm.

She adds that she wants people to see that women have a place in the film industry, as well as in horror.

“We don’t need to be topless, ditzy, covered in blood, and tripping over invisible objects to be involved in the horror genre. Women can create the horror,” she noted.

Speaking of why she selected IndieGoGo over KickStarter to raise funds for “Release”, Paolino said the reason was simple – the platform’s flexibility.

“With Kickstarter, you must reach the final goal in order to receive any funding, whereas with IndieGoGo, every dollar raised gets applied to the project, even if the final goal is not reached,” she said.

Despite needing just $1500 to make “Release”, Paolino is optimistic and says to be “blessed to have outstanding and talented people contributing their time and services to help get this film made.”

“Anthony DiFolco (Clash of the Gods, College Humor) has generously offered to do our SFX make-up free of charge, which originally would have taken up a large portion of our funding. I also have cinematographer Mark Fraunhofer (Healthy Souls, The Wait) on board who is donating his expertise and equipment,” she said.

“They both have been in the business for a long time, and I am extremely grateful that they believe in my vision and want to take this journey with me,” she added.

Paolino and her crew are currently busy with “Release”, however she says “there is an anthology in the writing process, a few other shorts on the drafting board and possibly a documentary in the near future.”

“My producing partner, Adam Allison, is an exceptionally talented writer and we have many ideas brewing,” she said.

“Horror is something I have always been attracted to, with so many appealing myths and legends in history, but I love all genres and diversity is an imperative,” Paolino admitted.

Paolino’s goal is to make the film and spread it to film festivals.

“The more funds we can raise, the more festivals we’ll be able to enter. For this, I am most excited,” she said. “To be accepted into a film festival will be a real achievement.”

“Release” is Paolino’s first film, but she has a background in film, and what is equally important – the will to make her project come true.

“After high school, I went on to study at Full Sail University, but my interest in the film industry started very early on for me with television, movies and video games,” she told BZFilm.

“I have been writing since I was ten, and on my eleventh birthday, I received my first laptop, in which I discovered Windows Movie Maker. I started
editing numerous videos,” she said, adding that she’s also a huge fan of the TV show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

“That is really what pushed me to strive for a film and television career. I wanted to create something as profound, enthralling, and moving as that show was for me—something that thousands of other people could relate to and identify with, just as they did with Buffy and her friends,” she explained.

“The value of friendship, the emphasis on female empowerment and the fight against all-too-real monsters – that mix Joss Whedon created was pretty close to perfection in my eyes and carried me through some difficult times in my life. So to make films that allow viewers a similar escape—that’s one of the many reasons why I am in this business,” she concluded.

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