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Film producer speaks his mind about low-budget film distribution

Not so long ago, we had a post about tips on how to succeed with your low-budget movie making. While I agree, that some of the tips there are not for everyone, movie producer Fabio Soldani believes the whole thing is false.

This is what he told BZFilm: “It is mostly false, when it comes to low-budget movies. These movies – Open Water, Blair Witch Project, Clerks – they only made money because big film companies bought rights to these films, and promoted them. Not every low-budget movie out there has this kind of chance.”

He added: “In my opinion, it really would be a terrible choice to go this way – because no distributor in the world would ever pick up a movie like “Clerks”, no matter how good well written it is. Specific movies like that, you need huge promotion, and that’s something only big studios can afford,” Soldani said.

“Many movies in the save vein as these, can’t find any distribution and no one will see them. It might be low cost to shoot them, but in most cases you will loose the money. Besides, think of the audience: low-budget audience, or other “movie lovers” who usually watch “Transformers”, and catch these low-budget movies by accident,” producer added.

“They will call this movie a piece of sh**, amateur garbage, and they will also complain, that there is no Lorenzo Lamas (insert any other b-movie star here) in it, and even if he was in it, they would still say the movie is crap, and how come Lamas is making these films anyway.”

The truth is – smart film marketing comes with connections.

“People sometimes go to these movie/film discussion boards, and bash cult low-budget actors for appearing in “trashy” movies (trashy means its worse than Avatar…). They really believe, that an actor can choose whatever part he wants. Newsflash – he does not. He can’t just pick up a phone, call his agent, and ask him to put him in “that” movie,” Soldani noted.

Since I don’t know how the industry works from the inside, I can’t really disagree with Soldani here, but some of the things he said, they’re exactly similar to the feelings I sometimes have, when I talk to co-workers or friends about movies. There’s no appreciation for lesser known stars.

Well, good thing is that “trashy movies”, and lesser known cult actors already have their huge fan base, which, I hope, will only expand in the future.

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