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Hollywood today has no bigger market than China – expert

hollywood for chinaToday, even with occasional financial issues, Hollywood continues to rely on China as its biggest market outside of the United States.

Putting huge Chinese audience aside for a moment – is there an alternative that Hollywood could count on?

“Hollywood films are already fairly dominant in Rusia, India has a particularly strong local industry, and Central Asia isn’t traditionally such a big market,” expert on Asian cinema James Mudge told BZFilm, answering the question on what are other options that Hollywood has, except for China.

“The importance of China and the desire from Hollywood to have a foothold there is again partly due to the fact of China becoming a or the global economic superpower, and as such a market it can’t ignore,” Mudge explained.

He went on to note that there is also of course the cultural factor.

“There is a wish to keep the Hollywood or US culture as influential as it has been for so long now on the world scale, which has arguably been at least in part due to the huge popularity of its cinema,” he said.

“If China does overtake the US as the world’s biggest consumer of cinema, will other counties around the world start making films that are designed to appeal to the Chinese rather than US market? It’s an interesting thought,” he concluded.

After the reform of the Chinese film industry in 2002, sales of movie tickets have soared rapidly for 9 consecutive years.

According to China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), revenues from ticket sales in 2011 were 13.1 billion yuan (about $2.08 billion), which is a 28.9 percent increase from the previous year.

This kind of growth put China behind the United States, as the second biggest box office market in the world, and now China is on its way to take the top spot by 2020.

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