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Independent filmmaker Fred Vogel: Extreme artists push boundaries to provoke emotion

fred-vogelIndependent filmmaker Fred Vogel is currently busy working on his new film, however he found some time to speak with BZFilm.

Noticeably, he expressed his opinion on the recent case of Canadian SFX artist Remy Couture, who nearly ended up in prison for his ultra violent “Inner Depravity” films.

Couture has been charged with “corrupting morals through the distribution, possession and production of obscene materials in a case that explores the boundaries of artistic expression.”

Later however, Couture was proved to be innocent. The damage however has been made, so to speak, as other similar artists working in the film industry have to fight for their art. One of them is Fred Vogel.

“I‘m glad to hear that Remy Couture was found not guilty for Moral Corruption through propagation of obscene material, or as I see it, guilty for creating his art,” Vogel told BZFilm.

Vogel agreed that the “Inner Depravity” films are extremely brutal, noting that Couture “was not trying to make a Disney movie”.

“Remy is very talented and his Special Make-up Effects are convincing and disturbing. Extreme artists push the boundaries and strive to provoke emotion,” Vogel noted.

“I have mad respect for him for his creations and for fighting for his art. I also fight for mine.”

As it turned out, Vogel, in his day, also had problems with Canadian government.

“I had my run in with the Canadian Government back in 2005 when I was arrested at the border but not charged for my art,” Vogel said.

“Artists will always to push forward and stand up for the expression of their visions,” he noted.”

Vogel is famous for making the ultra violent and brutal “August Underground” film series, which, according to some people, are as close to the real “snuff” as it can get.

Vogel did not disclose any details on the new movie he was working on. His last film – “Sella Turcica” was made in 2010.

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