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Jalal Merhi refused to talk about “Blizhny Boy: The Ultimate Fighter”

By Tim Tal

I was talking to Jalal Merhi yesterday. In fact, I desperately wanted to ask him, why in the hell did the filming of “Blizhny Boy: The ultimate Fighter” is taking so long to complete (the filming was done in 2006, and up to this day the film has not been released). From what I knew myself, there was just not enough money for distribution.

Merhi worked on that film (reportedly did some casting in Canada), but to my surprise he didnt really want to talk about it.

“I am sorry. I cannot answer why it has taken so long. I finished my work on this film a long time ago, and dont want to talk negative right now”, Merhi told BZFilm.

Interesting, what was that negative he talked about? Well, of course I said its all right, that I didn’t mean to offend him or anything. I was simply curious (yes, as a die-hard fan) when the film would be available. I also mentioned the legendary Bolo Yeung (who appears in the film, first time in 10 years), as I believed Merhi had something to do with Yeung being in the movie.

“Yes, I did invite Bolo to act in this film. Although he does not have any fight scenes,” Merhi said.

Well, thats better than nothing! Yeung is well over 70 now, although he looks like he’s around 55-60. With Merhi, Yeung appeared in such films as “Tiger Claws”, “Fearless Tiger”, “TC 2000”, and as far as I know, they are friends.

As far as “Blizhny Boy…” goes… Nothing else remains, but to wait. Hopefully they will solve whatever problems they have, and finally release this treasure.

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