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“Mortal Kombat” film star working on new web-series (exclusive)

“End Days” is an interesting web-series project that the director Monty Wentzel has been working on with actor, and former American Gladiator Deron Mcbee.

McBee is famous to the fans of the b-movies, appearing in such films as “The Killing Zone”, “Ring of Steel”, “Immortal Combat”, “T-Force”, and others.

His most memorable character however was Motaro – in a “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation” (1997) film.

Monty Wentzel, a creator of “End Days” says he and McBee became good friends, and McBee agreed to spend his time on this project for free. This is Wentzel’s first feature film.

“End Days” is in fact one of the worst nightmares a modern society could have – imagine a world where everything you know and rely on, all of a sudden just starts collapsing.

“The idea was born from my experience in the 2011 regional blackout we had here in Southern California,” Wentzel told BZFilm. “It was an eye opener that showed me just how fast things will go downhill”.

“As the blackout continued, we learned most American’s are hours away from not being able to survive when common services stop,” Wentzel admits.

From there on, Wentzel started thinking about using this real-life situation on film.

“Because we had no electricity we had no Internet and for whatever reason cell phones didn’t work either,” he said. “Take the above situation and extend the blackout for days and really longer, this power outage becomes huge”.

Well, at this point, you must be thinking this is “Mars attacks! part two”, which it isn’t. Wentzel doesn’t reveal the reasons behind such disaster on such a big scale.

“Millions of people are literally in the dark, both with lighting and information, surrounded with just rumors. And, we’re not telling whether it is terrorism, a nuclear attack, invaders from Mars,” he notes.

Making such a film on a big scale would require some funds, and Wentzel admits that the project does not have a lot of those.

“I am the chief floor sweeper for this project,” he says, adding that budget for the film is quite limited.

Regarding the distribution of the film, Wentzel says Internet is right there with all the social media outlets, blogs, press releases and so on.

“We’re making the film in short segments on Youtube,” Wentzel explained. “This is really uncharted territory since this process is so new, but there are a number of filmmakers that are having very good success doing this. It’s just so far under the radar that few really understand the potential”.

“What is unique about this is that we can choose to post episodes as we go, depending on our success, actor availability and willingness,” Wentzel pointed out.

I asked Wentzel what does the film actually have that could be of value to the viewers. The project somehow smelled “educational” to me, as I pictured a film with a “this is what people in this situation would do” message.

“The film will first be thought provoking, exciting and enjoyable to watch. In tandem with that will be a message,” Wentzel said. “It will poke fun at the thin veil of junk we have, the stuff so many call life, the foolishness of our vanity and the closeness that I think we may be to an apocalyptic event”.

Wentzel says his vision will likely be closer to real life experiences, which will make “End Days” a powerful film.

Of course, there should be some entertainment as well…

“I see spooky scenes with frightful scenarios and yes I see fights and gun fire as well,” he said. “After all, we have Deron McBee in the film, and he loves fights. Assuming this takes off, we are going to put a lot of stuff in it”.

Below is a little trailer for the “End Days” series, check it out.


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