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Cult B-action film actor Ted Prior: Unlike in film, you don’t get second takes on stage

And, I’ve got another interesting interview for die-hard B-movie fans. If you’re into these kind of movies, then the name Ted Prior should definitely ring the bell.

I’ve been lucky enough to interview Ted especially for BZFilm, and now you all can also stick your teeth into this interview, where Ted explains his acting method, his super-shape in “Deadly Prey”, talks “Deadly Prey 2” and also explains why he never got to be a model…

Mr. Prior, first of all, thanks for agreeing to do this interview. I’d like to start from the beginning. According to you bio, you became involved with theater as a child actor. In your opinion, for an actor, which is easier, on stage in the theater, or perform on-screen in a feature film?

It’s much easier for me to work in front of the camera. You don’t get second takes on stage. It’s also a lot of fun connecting the scenes from day to day. Films are always shot out of sequence so making them work as one continuous journey from start to finish is always fun and a challenge.

You were a male model for the “Playgirl” magazine. At that time, did you combine acting and modeling? Why didn’t you stick to modeling?

I never really wanted to model. That was just something that fell into my lap. I did it because I was dancing for Chippendales at the time and it helped to promote us and make money. It was a hell of a lot of fun!

Your fanbase, still says that your most vivid and memorable character is Mike Danton from the infamous cult action movie “Deadly Prey”… do you agree with that? What memories do you have about that film?

I’ve never really understood why out of all those pictures that’s the one that caught on until just a few months ago. I was invited to go to a screening of it in Hollywood and had a blast. The films none stop crazy ass action from beginning to end was so insane that it works in an 80s way. The crowd went crazy and had so much fun that it made me feel very proud to have done it. But the real kicker for me was taking my 8yr old son. YES he thinks dads a kick ass movie star! That was a great time in my life.. it’s so much fun reliving that experience. It brings back a lot of good memories. It was like camping out. No hotels just tents.  No REAL food just stuff like “hot dog soup”. Come on… What could be better than that!

What about that tremendous physical shape you were in “Deadly Prey”? Any special workout that you undertook?

I got into bodybuilding when I was 15 years old. I won the Teenage Mr. Maryland contest along with 10 other titles by the time I was 19. The reason I moved to California was to go to “gold’s gym” and become a pro bodybuilder. The truth is by the time we made Deadly Prey I was much smaller than I had been. I believe my brother and I went to see the movie “First Blood” and said “Hey let’s do that”. At the time my workout consisted of Jack Daniel’s, beer and chili dogs!

Among all those you shared time on screen, who influenced you the most? Was there anyone whom you learned from? Anyone you admire after appearing together in one production?

David Carradine and I become good friends. He played my father in a film called “Future Zone” and in a way become like a father figure to me when we got back to LA. I know what you’re thinking but believe me when I say Dave was a great guy who just got a bit crazy now and then. I learned a hell of a lot from him on the set. He was a master at stealing moments and making scenes his own. Unfortunately his demons and other negative things got the best of him..

It’s been reported, that the sequel to “Deadly Prey”, will be shot sometime next year, and you will reprise your part as Mike Danton. At this point, do you think Danton should remain the same as he was remembered from part one (only 20-25 years later), or the character will be somewhat different? How do you envision the sequel at this time?

My brother (director David A. Prior) and I have decided to do a sequel based on fan mail, screenings, and all that stuff. I’ve talked to lot of fans of the movie, and after having all kinds of ideas thrown at us, Dave and I have decided to stick to the basic formula as the original. Fast pace and hard hitting. We have Dave Campbell “Hogan” and Fritz Mathews “Norton” on the roster and ready to go. Naturally we’re all older so by nature our Character’s would be as well.. Since I beat Fritz up with his own arm and then scalp him we thought we’d bring him back as his “bad ass” twin brother…… bigger and meaner!!

According to the information on the net, you, aside from acting, also teach it at “Next Level Acting Studios”. As a teacher, what’s Ted Prior’s approach to acting? We all know that there are some parts not everyone can play, understanding of a particular character is very important…

Yes , I taught acting in Hollywood for a number of years. There’s many ways to approach developing a character. For me it starts with the role. Who am I , What do I want , why do I want , and how do I get it. There’s all kinds of silly answers to these questions but at the end of the day you get out there and do it. “Mean what you say, be truthful and believe in you circumstance”.

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  1. Mike Danton is coming back! The Deadliest Prey will be available in 2012!

  2. I love these movies of course. Tim James, Mark Mancina and I did the first score for DEADLY PREY and had the song “NEVER SAY DIE” in it… They we did 18 other films for David Prior and team. INCLUDING the classic SPACE MUTINY starring Reb Brown! Fun stuff.

  3. Deadly Prey 2 really?

  4. According to director, producer, and Ted Prior as well – yes, thats true. They even happen to have a kickstarter project for all this.

  5. DEADLIEST PREY?! My mind isn’t ready. Movie I’m most looking forward to right now for sure!

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