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Post-apocalyptic “After the Harvest” comes back with more stills, trailer


Back in August of 2013, BZFilm reported on an interesting project that has been quietly developing on its own, called “After the Harvest”.

Despite being an independent film, “After the Harvest” has some very familiar names attached to it – Richard Hatch, Lorenzo Lamas, Vernon Wells, Christopher Atkins. And none of them is missing the action!

BZFilm spoke with director-writer of the film, Eddie Conna, who has previously worked with Vernon Wells and Richard Hatch on “Alien Hunger”, and asked him about “After the Harvest”.

Conna confirmed that all of the stars are still attached to the project, are supporting it, and Richard Hatch even did a convention recently, where a teaser trailer for “After the Harvest” was showcased. You can check it out below:

Conna noted that the interest in the project has been growing, so the crew is working “on financing options outside of crowdfunding”.

“We’ve now got several companies showing interest, so we’re going to see where that goes first,” Conna told BZFilm. “Moving Pictures Media Group has been handling the development of the project.”

Previously, the budget for the film was estimated at $500,000. Conna said that now the budget will be around $1 million.

The story of the film is described as: “In a post apocalyptic world left after Aliens have harvested much of the human race, the remaining survivors of “the harvest” do what they must in order to survive. How their paths cross, and the choices they make when they do will ultimately determine if they survive or not…”

“As soon as we have full funding, we start preparations and shooting. Hopefully this summer,” he said.

Conna also provided BZFilm with some cool stills from the shoot and a concept art poster. You can also view more stills in our last article here.








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