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Saved by the Status: across Canada in 100 days (exclusive)

jesse-sebastiani-saved-by-status-4One day a guy woke up and he just wasn’t happy with his life. So he had to make a change. And he did.

He took his backpack, a few hundred bucks, and notified his Facebook friends that he’s going across Canada to meet them all. In 100 days.

Jesse Sebastiani says the idea for documenting the whole trip came to him, as he needed a change.

“I went to my social following for help and that’s when the idea hit me to travel across Canada,” he said to BZFilm, speaking about his trip.

The trip, by the way, turned into an hour-long documentary titled “Saved by the Status”, where we are able to follow Jesse basically all across Canada, where he meets various people, both whom he knew, and whom he met for the first time.

And if you’re thinking Sebastiani spent a fortune on the whole trip, you’re mistaken.

“The whole trip cost me a few hundred bucks,” he says. “That’s food, traveling, everything. I didn’t even pay for one hotel, rental car, nothing. Everything was given to me by my friends across Canada.”

Sebastiani says in total he managed to go through 50 Canadian cities or so, on his trip.

“Amazing thing is that it all worked. I came up with the idea and it worked out better than I thought,” he said. “We live here in Canada, a great country, and the people here are even greater.”


“Saved by the Status” is basically a one-man show, and the viewers basically follow Sebastiani everywhere he goes. And if you think watching a 20-something guy traveling across Canada is boring – wait until you see him getting dressed in female clothes by his female friends, and doing insane car stunts with his male friends.

And if you’re wondering why was the film called “Saved by the Status” is because Sebastiani was keeping his Facebook friends aware of his schedule, so people would know which city he’s going to next, and if they are willing to meet him.

Sebastiani admitted that he didn’t shoot everything though. So what was left out?

“There was one night… when I waiting until 3 in the morning for a reply on a status, to find a place to stay in Alberta,” he recalls. “For some reason, I decided to walk down a dark country road, and was stalked by two wolves, that followed me. I was too scared for my life to take out the camera, but managed to get back to town safely.”

Speaking of the camera – there wasn’t anything fancy or expensive. As Sebastiani said – he said the whole film was shot on Cannon rebel T3i, with zoom lens and a fisheye for personal shots.

“My equipment had to be light. So along with the Cannon, it was a laptop, 5 batteries, light, lens, DSLR, and SD cards,” he said, adding that the whole film was edited on Final Cut Pro.

So, Sebastiani went across Canada in 100 days, meeting his friends from Facebook. He said he met well over 100 people in 100 days.

“There were people that I met, and they didn’t want to be filmed, so they were left out. But yes, every day I’d meet new faces from social media,” he said.

When asked if he plans to arrange another similar trip, Sebastiani said that he’s been working on a new film.

“I’ve been writing a film called “7 seconds”. The idea behind it is that there are 500 7 seconds in 1 hour, so I will be giving 500 people across the country 7 seconds to say anything they want on camera,” he explained. “Then I will collage all these video clips and my journey to each of them, and make it all into one movie.”

And if you’re wondering – Sebastiani never studied film, never went to any film school. He’s been passionate about film since age 10, as he says, and basically taught himself how to do things from Youtube and various blogs.

So, when are you packing on your trip?



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