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The all-female “Mercenaries” have over 10 fights, including gun fights (exclusive)

mercenaries-aka-prison-raid-2014-2Christopher Olen Ray has prepared a really tasty film for all the action fans out there. So yes, that means if you like action, you should definitely be waiting for “Mercenaries” (also known as Prison Raid), even if you don’t like Asylum movies.

The film stars Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3), Zoe Bell (Raze), Vivica A. Fox (Kill Bill), Brigitte Nielsen (Rocky 4), Cynthia Rothrock (Lady Dragon) and Tim Abell (Soldiers of Fortune).

The synopsis on IMDb says “A diplomatic official is captured and imprisoned while touring a war zone, so a team of elite female commandos is assembled to infiltrate a women’s prison for a daring rescue.”

BZFilm spoke to the director Christopher Olen Ray about the film, and he revealed that the mission is in fact circles around the rescue of the president’s daughter.

“I’ve always wanted to make an action film. This plot has to do with an all-woman group rescuing the presidents daughter. Just sounded like a good time,” Olen Ray told BZFilm, when asked if the idea for “Mercenaries” was inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s “Expendables”.

Speaking of the cast, he said that Brigitte Nielsen was added first as the villain.

“From there everyone just fell into place. I know the casting department all agreed that Zoe Bell would be amazing if we could get her. Zoe wanting to know how we planned to pull it off wanted to meet with me before she agreed to do it,” Olen Ray recalled.

mercenaries-aka-prison-raid-2014-5“Once she was in, Kristanna Loken, Nikki (Bilderback) and Vivica Fox finished off the group. Who could we get to put the group together well… Let’s go back to another woman who helped start it all – Cynthia Rothrock. It all just made sense,” Olen Ray said.

“The main idea was to get woman that kick ass. That is all,” he added.

Further speaking of the film itself, Olen Ray noted that “Mercenaries” has “more action than the normal Asylum film”, adding that there are practical stunts done by ladies who actually know how to do them.

“If I had to count I think we have over 10 fights in all. That includes gun fights. I think people will be happy with it,” he said, when asked about the amount of action in the film.

“Mercenaries”, according to Olen Ray, should be getting its world premiere on July 25, at San Diego COMIC-CON 2014.

“We really want to see how people take to it. Should be fun to watch. If enough people enjoy it then anything is possible,” he said, speaking of possible sequels for the film.

Olen Ray previously said that he, along with some of the actresses from the film, will do a 20-minute introduction before the actual screening.

BZFilm also spoke with Tim Abell, who has done his share of action, both on and off the screen. In “Mercenaries”, Abell plays Grigori Babishkov. As Abell told BZFilm, his character “takes care of business” for Brigitte Nielsen’s character, who is a “despot in a small Eastern European country”.

“The filming took 4 weeks in March,” Abell said.”The film has lots of action, fights and a little bit of humor as well.”

And below are some photos that were kindly provided to BZFilm by Christopher Olen Ray and Tim Abell. Some were taken from the film’s official Twitter. Check them out.









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